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How did you get into the candle business in the first place?


By the time asparagus and spring leeks appear, I am craving the freshness and bright excitement of the season’s first produce. This recipe is endlessly adaptable—substitute the asparagus and fennel with charred spring leeks or with radicchio, green beans or eggplant in the summer. Romesco is a fabulous sauce to have in your culinary repertoire and is a nutritional powerhouse…


Intrigued into taking a journey to the “dark side” of beers? At first glance, stouts may seem heavy and quite strong but they are actually fairly easy to drink and are delightfully balanced.

Presenting Pantone’s Color of the Year

 Who: Laura Iverson  What: Interior Designer  Where: Laura Iverson Design, LLC


Grace rises above a situation, pride, a misunderstanding, our feelings, or a situation that had a different ending then we would have preferred. I choose grace for 2019 because the Lord has shown me countlessly, that with grace, I am made whole, I can forgive immediately, I can see more clearly, and accept, that every person, every circumstance, has a…

Lauren Maggio Designs

With spring in the air, the desire to refresh and attempt a new design trend is high on our weekend to-do list.  How does one begin to artfully arrange a so-called, shelfie? 


We love our community and can't thank you enough for the continued support of this publication. We hosted a Holiday Party this year for the staff and creatives that work tirelessly behind the scenes to make Boulder Lifestyle unique each month. Our writers, photographers and editors. It takes a village and we think we have a pretty incredible little village. 


Tieghan Gerard, the blogger behind Half Baked Harvest and author of Half Baked Harvest Cookbook that just came out this fall. Her blog and cookbook both feature a little sweet, savory, healthy and indulgent recipes from her barn in the mountains of Silverthorne, Colorado. We asked the food photographer/stylist/recipe developer about her favorite things, in and out of the kitchen.


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Do Just 5 Things

For those who have a yard or garden, having a personal compost bin has a lot of benefits. Why give all that yummy plant food to the city when it could nourish your plants at home? However, composting can be a little trickier for apartment dwellers. For Boulder residents, curbside compost pickup is completely free of cost, and all you…

Materials Matter

Nova Chocolate begins with exceptional cacao beans, harvested and roasted at their origin using traditional techniques. Working directly with farmers, we help promote sustainable communities while creating chocolate of unsurpassed quality and purity. Every creation is a delicacy, reflecting the flavor of its origin and the integrity of its ingredients. Simple, sustainable, and delicious.


Who | Jenni Hlawatsch, What | Owner of The Singing Cook, Where | 728 Main Street, Louisville, 

Revel for a Cause

This holiday season consider purchasing presents that give back. We’ve curated the best presents around town, many of them being fair trade, that go one step further….


Nikon D800 - This camera is a resolution monster that does extremely well in low-light without breaking the bank. It’s also light enough and small enough to carry while cycling, climbing and running—so as long as you have the proper bag for it.

Who Are You?

You could say Neely Spence Gracey was born with the fate to run the Boston Marathon. Gracey was born on Marathon Monday in 1990, and 26 years later she was the first American woman to finish the 120th Boston Marathon at 2:35:00.


Where did you grow up? As a kid, my family moved every few years, so I grew up a bit of a gypsy. We moved from Connecticut to Tokyo to New York, and to Texas three separate times. Thankfully the accent never stuck. When I came to Boulder to go to college in 1986, I knew I was home. I…

A Few Of My Favorite Things

She was always a picture of style and grace. Fiercely loyal and protective of her children, elegant and beautiful.


1. Napa Valley Then and Now - This is a brand new, very in-depth book that was written by a friend of mine, Kelli White. Kelli and I worked together at Domaine Select, an importer of fine wines in New York. Kelli is very talented and this book is a cutting edge, up to date look at the region and…


1. The Essential Scratch & Sniff Guide To Becoming a Whiskey Know-It-All by Richard Betts. Boulder dweller R. Betts has done it again with his newest book. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves good brown spirits and wants to learn more.

dan’s picks

1. Lightweight Dynafit Denali size 178 cm. - In the winter, my wife and I go for a morning "dawn patrol" backcountry ski in the Indian Peaks Wilderness. My ski of choice is the lightweight Dynafit Denali size 178 cm. It’s light for going quickly uphill and wide enough to enjoy the deepest powder. Available at Neptune Mountaineering.
2. My Dale…

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Photography Colleen Kelly

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Who: Liz Finkelstein of Mile High Style What: Home and Wardrobe Stylist Where: Boulder and Beyond

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Who: Charlie Papazian What: President and Founder of the Brewer Association Where: Boulder, CO

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Who: What: Local explorer who was just named as the 50 top explorers by Men’s Journal. Known for his knowledge on sustainable exploring. Where: Resides in Boulder but explores all over the world

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 Who/ Leah Colby  What/ President and owner of La Dolce Events  Where/ Boulder, Denver and beyond