Surely The Apple Is The Noblest of Fruits

 Don’t call it a comeback, cider’s been here for years.  You’d be forgiven if you considered cider somewhat of a trend on the alcoholic beverage front. After all, Boulder only got its first cidery, BOCO Cider, in 2018. The thing is, though, hard cider is one of America’s oldest libations, dating back to the original colonies.  “What’s old is new…

The Renaissance of Modern Tiki

Birthed at the dawn of World War II, maturing into one of America's most enduring forms of escapism, and currently taking a resurgent breath within the modern renaissance of the historical cocktail, the all-American phenomenon of the Tiki bar is a cultural icon that is both fantastical and garish. 

Raise a Glass

While studying in the United States during their college years, Julien Dreyfus and Tommy Tollesson found themselves spending countless hours discussing life over glasses of rosé with new acquaintances. As acquaintances developed into friendships, they came to better understand and appreciate each other’s different respective cultural backgrounds, as well as what would go on to be important to them in life. 

Couples that Can

It’s 6 a.m., and Lauren and John Maggio are blearily looking into each other’s eyes. They will be with each other all day, and well into the evening; after putting long hours into running their exciting new business, and after their kids are put to bed.

Tap to Table

Whether you’re a native Boulderite, a thirsty visitor, or a Colorado transplant, chances are you’ve sipped on an Avery Brewing Company beer. To say that Avery is a staple of the Boulder County craft beer scene is an understatement and, as the brewery celebrates 26 years of inventive craft brewing this year, they’re ensuring that 2019 will be one to…

Boulder’s Best Brews

    Flavor: Crisp malt, American hops, clean, bright, and refreshing  Aromas: Floral and peppery hops

Hops Harvest

By the end of summer, most people are ready to transition out of summer and into fall. The swimsuits get stored away, the flannels get pulled out, the gazpacho recipe is removed from the counter, and the fridge finally gets filled with delicious fall beer. 

Boulder’s Best Brews

 Article Riley Cowing | Photography Ladd Forde  “This the beer I’ve been dreaming of creating for years,” says Adam Avery, founder and CEO of Avery Brewing Co. “Outside of running a brewery, I spend most of my time rock climbing and bike riding. I realized that I needed a beer to match the obsessive passion I have for these sports.…

Sip and Savor

 Article Riley Cowing | Photography Kylie Fitts  A PEEK AT THE TASTING NOTES   Boulder American Single Malt Whiskey - American Oak

LAGERS: More Than Just Light Beer

The beginnings of Wibby Brewing were ignited with a conversation at High Sierra Music Festival in 2013 between college friends and now co-founders Ryan Wibby and Ted Risk. At the time of the festival, Wibby had been brewing professionally for nearly to fifteen years and had spent time in Berlin, Germany studying with some of the best lager brewers. Risk…

The Perfect Pair

We talked with Chief Wine Officer and Master Sommelier, Brett Zimmerman about The Great Oregon Wine Company rooted in Oregon. You don’t need to travel far for the perfect pair to a great meal. Here are some expert tasting notes from Brett Zimmerman himself.

How to Host a Ladies Beer Night

What’s a gal to do on a beautiful summer night here in Boulder, when the sun’s still a-shining and the patio’s a-calling? Get together with her girls and get her craft beer on, of course! The craft beer scene in Boulder County is a delicious adventure ripe for the exploring, and a craft beer night with your best girls is…


What’s the flavor : Citrus, citrus, citrus! Light and refreshing with hardly any hop bitterness present. You could drink quite a few of these without thinking twice!

Beer Crafted Naturally

New Planet president/general manager Pedro Gonzalez began experimenting brewing gluten-free ale in 2008 after he’d learned he was gluten intolerant. Not wanting to forgo the occasional beer and unhappy with what was available on the market, Gonzalez decided to try his hand at it. So, with the help of a good friend who knew the ropes of home brewing, he…

Boulder’s Best Brews

What’s the flavor? This unfiltered ale carries with it a spiced flavor that is uniquely Belgian. Couple this with the Curaçao orange peel used in brewing and you have a well-rounded, refreshing white.


Here's a little holiday recipe to test out on your new bar cart from expert Nate Camelio of Garnish Bartending, a mobile boutique bartending business.

Boulder’s Best Brews

Would taste best with: A light meat dish like a steak salad would pair splendidly with this full-flavored, lower alcohol brew.

Boulder’s Best Brews

Something about summertime makes us want to get outdoors. It's hard to think of a better beverage to pop open for a day of fun in the sun. This light, versatile IPA is an all around winning beer from Boulder's original craft brewery.

The Return of Oasis

“It’s a beer with a past,” remarks Founder George Hanna as he sips an Oasis Tut Brown. The sun is setting on the Denver skyline, and as we sit in the darkening but welcoming tap room of Prost Brewing, it’s hard not to pick up on a little bit of nostalgia. Founded in 1991 by Hanna, Oasis was only the…

BEER Of The Month

New Planet is staying relevant amidst the changing face of the gluten-free industry. In recent weeks, the brewery unveiled its newest line of beer, only the two styles aren’t gluten-free like the rest of its line; they are gluten-reduced.

Keep Calm and Drink Craft Beer

The term “Colorado-made” has meant something reputable to craft beer circles for some time now, but it wasn’t until last year that Boulder decided to share that prestigious slogan with craft beer fans at the inaugural Boulder Craft Beer Festival.

When Sour is Sweet

If you watched the Super Bowl this year, you probably saw the Budweiser commercial that puffed their chest proudly at being a “Macro Beer.” The beer giant then proceeded to take cheap shots at the craft beer community. While I do agree that the bearded hipsters in skinny jeans can take things a little too far sometimes, I’m personally enjoying…