No Pain, No Gain

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Sitting on 11 acres of land in North Boulder, Growing Gardens is a nonprofit organization that works to cultivate community by connecting people of all ages, abilities, and income levels with fresh food, the knowledge of how to grow and cook with it, as well as food donations. It also works to cultivate the community through urban agriculture in Boulder and…

The evolution of EVO LOU

When Hilary Harris first arrived in Boulder in 1986, she was greeted by fog. Low clouds shrouded the city as she toured the University of Colorado and pondered whether a transfer to the school was the right move.

Boulder In Bloom

When you walk into True Bloom Spa, don’t be confused — you’re in the right place, but Boulder’s newest spa isn’t taking cues from dated spa trends of the last few decades. When you walk into True Bloom’s front room, you’re greeted by the large Plant Powered Ingredient Bar, where you’ll see therapists and aestheticians choosing fresh ingredients to be…

At its Core

World-renowned Pilates instructor Pat Guyton has been bringing a deep exploration into Pilates—with an emphasis on functional movement—to her instruction and practice for decades. She opened Boulder’s first Pilates studio in 1986 and, along with business partner and fellow instructor Heather Carey, today Pat continues to foster Boulder’s vibrant Pilates community through a style that is empathetic, rejuvenating and enriching…

Healthcare Eudaimonics

As a physician, I often ask people if they believe we’re living in a healthy society. The nearly universal reaction is a sardonic laugh. We live in a time of unparalleled abundance, safety, comfort and prosperity, and yet many of us sense that our way of life is unsustainable. Grim statistics of species extinction, natural resource depletion, income inequality, etc.,…

Making Connections through Medicine

You’re likely familiar with the Golden Ratio, represented by the Greek letter phi [φ] in mathematics, as it relates to Leonardo Da Vinci’s Vitruvian Man, in which Da Vinci used the proportions of the ratio to create the ideal man. The ratio, which crops up even in nature, has been connected to ideas of beauty in human facial features and…

Hit the Slopes

If attending Bulldog Yoga doesn’t get you ready to hit the slopes, there’s a chance nothing will. 


At OPEX E6 Boulder, we focus on personalized programs as unique as the individual who walks through our doors at Black Lab Sports. Our goal is to build a brand that is built on one primary purpose–to inspire people and help every person unleash their greatness through health and fitness.

Plant-Based Living

 Photography Kylie Fitts     (Recipe R1)

Soothe at Altitude

 Article Lisa Van Horne | Photography Lisa Doane  60%   Of eczema patients are diagnosed in their first year.

Made to Move

 Article Kelli Ruhl | Photography Ladd Forde  The many benefits of EMS:  For those striving to lead a healthy life, there are two key principles to live by: eat well and exercise. For most, however, this is easier said than done. Fitting a workout into an already hectic schedule can seem daunting at best, impossible at worst. For Liana Bezuidenhout,…

Entrepreneurship Endurance

 Article Riley Cowing  Entrepreneur and endurance athlete Eric Hinman first visited Colorado in May 2017 for a business trip and quickly fell in love with the mountains and lifestyle. He decided to trade living on the east coast for the west coast. He recently relocated to Denver, and his active lifestyle fits right in. “I’ve always been super-competitive with myself,…

Yoga, Rebooted

For some, the calm, quiet spirituality of yoga provides an incredibly satisfying workout. For others, like Jon Cummins, the solemn atmosphere doesn't quite resonate. Enter: bulldog yoga (@bulldogyogaboulder). Cummins, bulldog yoga's owner, had been taking traditional yoga classes for about six years, and while he loved the strength and flexibility yoga provided, he was less than enchanted with the hushed environment…

early detection

Breast cancer today is just as prevalent, if not more so than it’s ever been. According to the American Cancer Society, over 250,000 new cases of invasive breast cancer will be or have already been diagnosed in women in 2017. The good news, however, is that there are over three million breast cancer survivors in the United States alone. With…

30-Minute Workout

Not all movement protocols need to take a long time or require equipment. Our intention is to give you a deeper look into how to keep your health and fitness moving forward even when you're busy. 
Our programming is specific and efficient and this month will only take you thirty minutes to complete. This set is a little more time…

300 Sunny Days

Life is lived outdoors in Colorado, and it’s a state that attracts the gamut of outdoor enthusiasts. From cyclists to triathletes to sun worshippers, in general, all flocking to Colorado’s 300 days of sunshine each year, cities like Boulder are destinations to bask in sunny summertime bliss.

15-Minute Workout

Not all movement protocols need to take a long time or require equipment. Our intention is to give you a deeper look into how to keep your health and fitness moving forward even in difficult and busy times. 
Our programming is specific and efficient and will only take you 15 minutes to complete. This is the third installment of your…

A Nourishing Practice

Achieving physical fitness so often has a rigorous connotation. We often feel like if we aren’t pushing our bodies to their physical limits and beyond, we aren’t working hard enough to get to that pinnacle of optimal health. Even yoga, an activity many turn to for relaxation and relief, often has this extreme sport slant and competitive edge.

15-Minute Workout

Not all movement protocols need to take a long time or require equipment. Our intention is to give you a deeper look into how to keep your health and fitness moving forward even in difficult times.
Our programming is specific and effective and will only take you 15 min to complete. This is the second installment of your 15-minute workout to complete during…

15 Minute Workout

The holidays are a time for celebration, eating, drinking and being merry with your colleagues, friends and family! Celebration doesn’t have to mean insatiable eating, or even worse, deprivation. It’s time to bring the focus back to the purpose.


Skin care during the winter season is crucial, especially in Colorado because of the added altitude and dry climate. The dry air is not only outside but inside as well due to heaters. Colorado is such an outdoor community and while in the winter you may not feel warm, the sun is still intense.

Know Just 5 Things

First, it was açai, then kale and now matcha is the name of the game. But what is this new, superfood craze turning long-time coffee drinkers to tea? Since matcha means “powdered tea” one will consume the entire leaf, which is impossible when drinking steeped, loose leaf tea. Its unique form provides a bevy of nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and more…

Soul Searching

Being proficient at the practice of yoga is not just about being able to master the downward dog pose. Yes, yoga is popular amongst athletes as a recovery day, as well as with Boulderites looking for an hour of calm, but it also serves higher purposes. Yoga, at its core, is a multifaceted practice and all-encompassing lifestyle with goals much…

Add Sizzle to Your Summer Workout

Noted as one of the premier athletic clubs around, Colorado Athletic Club (CAC) offers a full-service athletic club, tucked inside a country club atmosphere, with impeccable customer service. With spacious cardio and weigh rooms, including fitness class offerings at all hours of the day, all eight of CAC’s locations offer an assortment of ways to get fit, including the assistance…

Saving Face

Summer. It’s the season of long hikes, bike rides, gardening and all the things we love to do outside. But all this time enjoying the beautiful outdoors can make it oh-so-easy to forget the power of our Colorado sun. It’s true that sun exposure helps you make vitamin D, but too much of it can wreak havoc on your skin,…

Making it Personal

The world of medicine is ever-changing. In many ways there have been great advances in the field, but in other ways physician to patient ratios widen. This relationship between patients and their doctors have become increasingly transactional and impersonal. Think about the last time you visited your primary care physician. This probably involved having to schedule an appointment months in…

26.2 with KARA GOUCHER

As a two-time Olympian, an American record holder, World Championship bronze medalist, and one of the most accomplished female distance runners of all time, Kara Goucher is one Boulderite you want to know. We caught up with her recently and she let us in on how she balances life as a mother, wife, professional runner and Boulderite.

Natural Remedies

Check out DRAM Apothecary's website at to learn more about their humble Denver beginnings, their Western heritage history, and their future expansions in the historic (and haunted) frontier town of Silver Plume, Colorado. This article originally appeared on the Huckberry Journal, Huckberry is an e-commerce site and online magazine that inspires active, adventurous, and stylish lives.

Feel-Good Smoothies

Smoothies are a tasty and healthy way to start the day (but they don’t need to be limited to mornings). Blending fruits, vegetables and other “add-ins” can create a nutritious meal replacement, snack or treat. We suggest starting with fruits and veggies (spinach and kale work well and won’t make your smoothie any less sweet), moving onto a liquid base…

beat cycle

Summer might be in full swing and the sunny weather may have most of us outdoors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still hit the gym. There’s a new spot in town that’s gaining a lot of momentum called Beat Cycle. It’s a full body workout that’s much more than just an ordinary, run of the mill spin class. Beat…

Avid for Adventure

Summer camp is a time for children to play outside, try new activities and forge deep relationships that can last a lifetime. Oftentimes it gives children their first taste exploring all the great outdoors have to offer.