Communing With Nature

In Colorado, we know that nature is a powerhouse for enhancing our own wellbeing. Apart from being active in natural settings, people are using nature as an antidote for our sedentary lifestyles; people are grounding to combat electromagnetic fields and doctors are writing nature prescriptions. In fact, journals like Science Daily report that a mere 20 minutes of exposure to…

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

How has the program evolved over the years? How has There With Care had to adapt to new circumstances/different types of people to serve? 

The Lawless Landscape of New York City Fashion

If humanity were but a wild beast, uninhibited and free, New York City would be the beating red heart. As great as it is terrible, New York is continuously regenerating itself to house and feed some of the world’s most inspirational creators. 

Home is Where the Art is

When entering a home, some things might seem familiar, others foreign, and others fascinating. One might notice the arrangement of the furniture, the adorned walls, and the way natural light shimmers through the windows. 

A Darling Companion

"I believe if people are given information, most people will do good things." 

A Mission to Educate

It’s hard to imagine a life without education. For many, learning started at five-years-old. Through elementary to graduate school, teachers and homework are all we knew—and many of us longed for an end. 

First Tracks

The last time I took my five-year-old skiing, it did not end well. I vividly recall her splayed out on the ground, covered in snow, red-faced and bawling after a long day of ski school. But what’s a powder-loving parent to do? Brooks Crosby, owner of indoor ski and snowboarding school Shredder, knows this pain all too well. 

Connecting the Community

 Article Brianna Blair | Photography Poppies + Paisley Photography  Cultivate’s annual Celebrating the Ages fundraiser will take place Thursday, August 2nd, at the Boulder Jewish Community Center from 5 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. This fundraiser serves as an opportunity for the community to gather together for an evening of celebration. Food and drinks will be served.   For more information on…

A Different Kind of Derby

 Article Brianna Blair | Photography Poppies + Paisley Photography  The Morgan Adams Foundation helps in the fight against pediatric cancer by filling the gap between the limited pediatric cancer research dollars available, and crucial projects that could otherwise go unfunded. These projects aim to cure pediatric cancer. To find out more about The Morgan Adams Foundation, visit  Behind the…

Learning by Heart

 Article Kara Deyoung | Photography Sumi Sadurni & Kara Deyoung  Andrea Kazindra leans back thoughtfully and rubs her belly. Due any day with her second child, she and her husband Haril chat excitedly about all things baby, they have traveled from their home in Uganda to deliver.  

Start A Revolution

Brittney La Gesse is doing things differently. Inspired by the zero-waste movement, La Gesse has opened Refill Revolution, a Boulder store specifically created to spread the message that reducing waste is not only essential but easy and accessible.

Go on, Give us a Smile

Ten fingers, ten toes, one strong wail. It’s how we imagine—we hope, rather—all children come into the world. But what happens when their first appearance is made with a cleft lip or palate, or congenital deformities classified as microtia? That’s where Dr. Catherine Weng, a facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon at Peak Ear, Nose and Throat Center in Broomfield, and…

The Giving Tree

Do I have time to give? --> Yes ---> Do I like being outside? ---> Yes, I love nature (even bugs)! ---> I can donate time to: Leave No Trace Volunteer time and help practice "leave no trace" ethics!  Make sure our forests and trails are free of trash and harmful pollutants!

Disposable Design

Next time you’re cleaning out your closet, be mindful that your seemingly insignificant trash-bag full of clothing is representative of a huge problem in our country. It’s not just tossing old clothes that are causing problems; everything from the production of materials like cotton, which requires huge quantities of water to grow, to the chemicals used in the dying process,…

Glimmer of Hope

Hearts beat. Lungs inflate. Each organ is responsible for its vital role it plays in keeping you alive. But what happens when one of those organs fail? For Kate Lacroix, 42, life is good. Self-employed for more than ten years, Lacroix can be deemed as a successful business owner. It wasn’t until Lacroix decided to check in on an old…


After becoming a mom through transracial adoption, Maria Confer had an idea. Seeing a lack of diverse toys in stores and online Confer started Wildflower Liberty League, a nonprofit focused on diverse, huggable, lovable and classic dolls. She started small in her home as a self-taught sewer and made her first doll as a Christmas present for her son. Now,…

Mobility for Life

This situation isn’t rare. Perhaps you’re recovering from surgery, and the doctor says you can’t drive yourself to your appointment. Maybe your mother had a fall and needed help getting her prescriptions, but you work when the pharmacy is open. If you or someone you know is simply unable to drive, Via Mobility Services offers a level of independence we…

Tiny Homes, Big Impact

In 2016, the University of Colorado Denver’s Colorado Building Workshop (CBW) continued its partnership with the Colorado Outward Bound School; a not-for-profit organization focused on outdoor education. After designing and building 14 insulated year-round micro cabins for students of COBS the year before, this year’s goal was to create a village of seven cabins for its senior staff.

Nonprofits Helping Real People

Nonprofits act as conduits between people in need and affordable products or services, providing items not always readily available to those in crises or living in the margins of society. We talked to four people to hear their personal stories about benefiting from outstanding local nonprofits.

Un Caffé

When local Boulder businesses team up with the city’s non-profit organizations in the spirit of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, they can create true and tangible change for the betterment of the community and its people. With the Audi Cup café project, that’s exactly what Audi Boulder and Bridge House are striving towards and accomplishing.

Revel With A Cause

Looking to buy a gift that keeps on giving? Consider purchasing a product that gives back this holiday season. We’ve cultivated a variety of charitable presents that help promote change in the world. Here’s where to find them!

Boulder Bike Food Rescue

Established by Boulder Food Rescue, this program facilitates grass roots food recovery and movement - built around ending food waste both in the Rocky Mountain region and around the country, including places like Denver, Colorado Springs, Jackson Hole, Seattle, Charlotte, Atlanta and Managua, Nicaragua. The project entails a peer-learning network between food recovery organizations, technology driven logistics, research and more.

Field to Vase

Guests gathered together from near and far at The Fresh Herb Company in Longmont, where organic flower farm owners Chet and Kristy Anderson hosted a lush Field to Vase dinner over the summer. Attendees relished a communal-style dining experience, sat at farm tables amid rows of flowers and soaked in the gorgeous summer evening as the sun set slowly behind…