A Colorado cabin transforms from classic comfort into modern masterpiece

When one pictures a Colorado log cabin, a certain image comes to mind: dark colors, cushy, overstuffed furniture, a fire burning in a vast stone fireplace.

For the Baileys, a couple who’ve made their home in one such log cabin outside of Golden for the past two decades, it was time to flip the script and give their cozy cabin a modern makeover.

It is no small undertaking to turn a log cabin into a Scandinavian-style escape while maintaining the beauty inherent in the cabin itself. To achieve their vision, the Baileys brought in Forma Furniture, a locally owned modern and Scandinavian furniture company with locations in Boulder and Fort Collins.

From the start, the goal was to enhance the stunning views that surround the home; to bring the outdoors in, and focus on subtle touches to streamline the home without taking away from its natural beauty. To accomplish this, Forma’s General Manager Connie Hijar worked alongside designer Joyce Robinson in revamping the home’s living room, family room, dining room, kitchen nook, and den. 

“The owners wanted a new, lighter look, but at the end of the day they still wanted the log cabin to be a log cabin,” says Hijar.

The team helped the couple lift the dark tones of the cabin’s decor in favor of an airy, neutral palette, trading in the heavy burgundies and overstuffed furniture for neutral colors and elegant lines. As the cabin’s log walls were certainly not going anywhere, Hijar and Robinson made sure that every piece brought in would enhance the existing composition, seamlessly pairing the classic look of the log with the modern look the Baileys sought.

Robinson paired natural woods and walnut with black and white accents to create a look that was crisp, clean, and still complementary to the home’s structure. She also brought in modern pieces from around the world, including Norway, Italy, Denmark, and California, to transform the Bailey’s cozy Colorado cabin into a spacious, airy retreat.

In the dining room, a beautiful Italian lacquer-finish table stands sentry underneath an enchanting chandelier.

“The chandelier is hand-blown glass from Viz Glass out of California, which is what makes it so unique,”  Hijar says. “We wanted to bring in something unique and unusual without disturbing their view; this chandelier is like a piece of art hanging above the table.” 

As the Baileys love to entertain, Robinson replaced the home’s limited seating with new, spacious pieces well suited for large groups. In the living room, the sofa and chairs that faced the stone fireplace were replaced by a sectional and chairs from Norwegian brand Stressless-one of Forma’s most popular brands-which were turned to face the room’s grand windows.

This subtle change not only allowed for a more generous gathering space but capitalized on what Hijar describes as the highlight of the home: its breathtaking mountain view.

As Hijar explains, Forma Furniture’s goal is to arm their clients with pieces that “awaken your senses, lift your spirits, and become the backdrop to your living space.”

In this Colorado modern cabin, their goal has certainly been realized.

Get the Look:

-The kitchen nook features a Skovby height-adjustable table that can be raised up to a standing desk for working from home, or lowered to bar height or dining table height for entertaining. The table’s sleek design and dual-function make it the perfect addition to a truly modern home.

-A stunning hand-blown glass chandelier hangs over the dining room table. Hand-crafted by Viz Glass out of California, this silver, white and glass chandelier is more artwork than light fixture.

-A Nourison hand-tufted, wool-blend prismatic rug graces the home’s entryway. The rug’s 3-D-like design and bright, swirling colors was brought in as a masterful mimic of Colorado’s unbeatable sunsets.

-The Norwegian Stressless sectional and chairs that Robinson brought into the living room are “like sitting in an ‘aha’ moment. They are ergonomic and made to fit the buyer,” says Robinson. “These chairs are an investment; long-lasting, and all about comfort.”