The home issue! It is always a worthy theme. 

All at once, homes are physical spaces, concepts, cities, feelings, qualities, property, and people. All over the city, the concept of ‘home’ is on display: gorgeous, towering houses with impeccable views; residents walking, running, and riding mountain trails; local businesses making meaningful relationships with customers; college students gathering for a meal; and so on.

Boulder, home to many, is malleable enough to not only meet many different requirements to be considered ‘home’ but also exceptional enough to continuously be a destination folks from all over the world actively seek out. 

Being afforded the opportunity to call Boulder ‘home’ in any capacity is an incredible stroke of good fortune. It is unquestionably worth devoting a magazine issue to. 

But part of measuring the true value of a home requires a bit of discomfort on everyone’s part, including, maybe even especially, us here at the magazine.

For a multitude of reasons, reasons both in and out of any single person’s control, Colorado has a large population of people experiencing homelessness. Perhaps an essential piece of celebrating the beautiful, extravagant, and brilliant aspects of the home in Boulder is to also acknowledge how undeniably fortunate, for both reasons in and out of any one person’s control, so many of us have roofs, doors, walls, electricity, or any aspect of a ‘home’ at all. 

If this issue resonates in any way, I hope it is due to the hard work from our writers and photographers and because we can all have a better understanding of the value of the home.  

Enjoy the March issue.