Who Are You

with Stephanie Decker of Jannu & Me Scented Soy Candles

How did you get into the candle business in the first place?

This all started as a kind of adventure. I’m from Germany and I lived there for the past 30 years. In 2018 my husband got the chance to move to Boulder and work as a postdoc. Relatively spontaneously, we decided to go together. We quit our jobs and apartments, got married, and packed our backpacks.

While my husband had his work secured right from the beginning, I had a lot of free time in the first month of our stay in Colorado. In this time of creative exploration, I got the idea of making candles. I’ve always loved candles. They are the perfect little gift for friends and yourself, they soothe you, and make your home cozy and pretty.

From there everything went fast: I ordered a candle making starter kit and I started making candles in our kitchen for friends and family. Along the way, I began thinking about a company name and started researching all the legal terms to launch my own business in Colorado.

What’s your favorite part about the craft of candlemaking? 

The thing I like the most about being a candle maker is to be involved in all steps of the manufacturing process, from the raw idea to the first design draft until the moment someone holds my candle in their hands. Being a witness of this process motivates me every day and it makes me so much more mindful about the value of a product and what it means to create something with your own hands, something that is not industrially produced.

Furthermore, the process of pouring candles is very meditative and calming – you need to be aware of little details like the exact pouring temperature. At the same time, it allows you to listen to music or podcasts. One of my favorite parts in the whole process is developing new names for a candle and a little story behind the unique blend of scents.

Do you have other crafts that you are interested in? Any hobbies that exercise different parts of your brain/skillset? 

In general, I like all kinds of DIY projects, making little gifts, building small furniture, and making our home cozy. When I was working full-time I didn’t have much time to pursue those interests. Now, I’m even more grateful for having the flexibility and independence to incorporate these things in my daily life, and even make money with it.

What advice would you offer a person interested in working in your industry? 

Create space and time and then just start doing anything you like! Don’t wait for the one thing you absolutely love, just start with anything and then create. I always thought I needed to have a special idea to start my own business. But sometimes the simple and small things are the most effective ones. And you never know what follows once you’ve started.