Make and Tell 1

The ability to create something of value out of seemingly unremarkable ingredients has long been among the most impressive and sought-after talents in the world. Toni Morrison could string together words that amounted to truth, Aretha Franklin could arrange notes that sounded like heaven. 

Big or small, regardless of the industry, the ability to create is a nearly invaluable talent. 

The annual makers issue is one of the most exciting issues to work on, in large part because it’s a chance to focus on individuals and teams that create something special out of the seemingly ordinary. 

From candlemakers to sustainable cycling gear, Boulder homes to photography, small-batch clothing to restaurant empires, Boulder is overflowing with talented creatives making extraordinary things. 

Though there are never enough pages available to showcase what the many makers and creatives in the city have to offer, perhaps that’s a healthy sign of a booming city’s creative side.