As always, December is filled to the brim with time commitments. From start to finish, it’s a half-hazard sprint to the new year. In many ways, our December issue reflects as much. 

There are gifts to give, museum exhibits to see, charitable donations to freely offer to those in need; there are ski trips to plan, desserts to purchase, wine to pair; there are concerts to attend, fly rods to fish with, and renovated homes to see. There are traditions to abide by, and traditions to begin. 

But December is also filled with opportunities to slow down and find happiness, even if it takes a little extra effort to do so. 

The holidays can be crazy, they can be messy, and they can come and go before a person has time to reflect on everything that took place in a year’s time. Don’t be the person that watches December 2019 cruise by without remembering that it’s important to slow down for a minute before it’s all said and done. 

Happy holidays, be safe, and be sure to end 2019 with an act of love. We are all that we have.