“As great as it is terrible, New York is continuously regenerating itself to house and feed some of the world’s most inspirational creators.”


Clothing and art are transferrable between parties. Older siblings pass clothing along to their younger siblings, artists of varying mediums exchange their work for money. Entire pieces of the world are built upon this very idea that something can belong to a person and then belong to someone else without losing its value. 

But being fashionable is not all that transferrable. Neither is being creative.

Annually, Boulder Lifestyle puts out a fashion issue. While there are certainly items to showcase each and every year – jackets, shoes, socks, pants, shirts, and so on – the reason a fashion issue matters is because  it is worth showcasing the non-transferrable, occasionally undefinable traits of creativity and of fashion, and how they come together in the most beautiful, unusual, and unexplainable ways.

For the 2019 fashion issue, it felt appropriate to let the people walking the streets of New York City show us the ins and outs of where creativity and fashion merge. Really, we couldn’t ask for a better city to draw inspiration from anyway. 

Because like our great writer Kelly Ernst so effectively stated above, New York City never sleeps a wink, and neither do the creators within it.