Enjoying the Luxuries of Life with Entourage Wines

While studying in the United States during their college years, Julien Dreyfus and Tommy Tollesson found themselves spending countless hours discussing life over glasses of rosé with new acquaintances. As acquaintances developed into friendships, they came to better understand and appreciate each other’s different respective cultural backgrounds, as well as what would go on to be important to them in life. 

For the next thirty years, they continued this tradition; with rosé in hand, a total of twelve friends gathered together in Saint-Tropez to not only philosophize to their heart’s content but to celebrate the joys of life.

Eventually, Tollesson had a thought: Why wouldn’t others want to do this too?

Two years after his big epiphany, Tollesson and Dreyfus have successfully brought the spirit of their annual gatherings to life in the form of Entourage Wine, their “born in Saint-Tropez, raised in Aspen” rosé wine company.

At the foundation of Entourage Wine is a desire to celebrate life with loved ones with delicious, balanced, and potent rosé. Made from Super Premium A.O.C. Côtes de Provence grapes and endorsed by A.O.C Côtes de Provence, Dreyfus and Tollesson have positioned their wine as a “gateway to luxury” and a representation of their shared philosophy: “There is no higher luxury than happiness, which is found best in shared moments.”

They take pride in their rosé, and they want it to help bring people together. 

“You might have a hectic workday, and while on vacation you’re skiing or hiking or whatever, but the moments when you sit down with your friends—that is the most glorious moment,” says Tollesson. “Wine historically has been such a central part of civilization, and being a part of that; it excites me.”

“Every time we were gathering together, we were already doing that around rosé,” says Dreyfus. “This was at a time when rosé was not that popular in the U.S. Fast-forward to now: we still go to a friend’s house once a year for another one of those epic weeks.

“It’s funny how a big group of people can become friends. Because once you start studying overseas, your friends become your family, and maybe that’s also the tendency of our story; we made very strong leaps with friends that are still happening today, and all those friends are still friends today, and they remain close. That’s very important to what we do.”

Be it while studying abroad as a college kid or while celebrating decades’ worth of memories with dear friends and family, Entourage is fit for the occasion.