After four years of college where I willingly chose to get a degree in Sociology—which does not equate to a real job for the most part—I knew that I wanted to be a writer. 


The only problem was that being a writer did not equate to a job either. In fact, “being a writer” was so rangy in definition, I could work any other job in the world, write on my own time for precisely zero dollars, and be considered “a writer.” 


Dana Lapinel was the first person to offer me a paid writing opportunity. I was so shocked to have been given the opportunity to do so; I was afraid to tell anyone about it initially. 


Over the course of four years, writing for Cherry Creek and Boulder Lifestyle Magazines, Westword, and a handful of others, I learned how to make a hobby a dream, a dream a part-time gig, and now a full-time job that I was entirely, nakedly, invested in. 


As Dana moves on to her dream job, she has once again given me an opportunity that I had never thought possible: magazine editor. I am beyond grateful for how lucky and fortunate my path getting here has been, and hope that like my predecessor; I will be an editor that is fair and kind, hardworking, passionate, and willing to take chances on writers that will do anything to make their dreams come true.


To new beginnings,


Ben Wiese