The time of year has arrived, when we get the opportunity to meet incredible women in our own community, with different paths, opposite industries and undeniable passion. What I learned throughout the process of bringing our annual women’s issue to life is that each one of the six women we interviewed is more alike than not. They are unified by using their gifts that they were born with to give away. 

The craft these women pursue daily, and the work they produce plays a tremendous part in their livelihood. So for our women’s photo shoot this year, we wanted to capture the true essence of each individual naturally in Downtown Boulder. 

In these pages, you will hear from world-renowned Pilates instructor Pat Guyton and the legacy she has on our city, your bucket list music festivals, the insider on where to stay and what to do when you spend a weekend in Nashville, and more…  


Cheers to all of the courageous women in our lives, may we continue to walk forward in strength and dignity, and know that with grace, anything is possible. 

In gratitude, 

Chantel Ellerington, Creative Director