Get to Know Six Women Entrepreneurs

This group of uplifting women knows no limits when it comes to creating success. The common theme? It’s a remarkable time to be a woman in business.



Ashley Wick, Founder, WICK AND Co., Leadership Coach and Communications Consultant


Some things happen for a reason. Ashley Wick started her consultancy, WICK AND Co., after being laid off unexpectedly in 2010. As luck would have it, she was able to combine her experience directing PR for high-end fashion brands with her love of travel and design to provide a customized branding experience and communications solutions to her clients.


In 2016, a search for a closer connection to nature and presence within a community led her and her family to move from New York City to Boulder, where she is uniquely located to access her clients on both coasts. Ashley also became certified as a coach and is committed to helping people and businesses develop the self-awareness, conscious leadership skills and grit she believes is essential for success.


“This is an exciting time to be a woman in business,” Ashley adds. “We are part of the transition team—stewards of a shift toward greater gender equality, possibility and positive global change.”


Beryl Stafford, Founder, Bobo’s


Bobo’s was born on a rainy day in Beryl Stafford’s kitchen in Boulder when she and her daughter, whose nickname is Bobo, whipped up a homemade oatmeal bar with a few wholesome ingredients they found in their cupboard. This tasty treat was “non-GMO,” “gluten-free,” “vegan” and “natural” before those terms were top of mind.


Buoyed by the positive feedback she received from friends and family, Beryl started marketing her oatmeal bars to local coffee houses and grocery stores. Thanks to passion, persistence and a little luck, Bobo’s landed on the shelves of Whole Foods. More than 15 years later, while Bobo’s has grown and market share continues to increase nationally, the mission remains the same: provide simple, wholesome baked treats.


“You absolutely must believe in your business 100%,” Beryl says. “Dream about it becoming successful and keep pushing. But if you don’t love what you’re doing, that persistence will be hard to find. You must love it and live it.”


Dana Faulk Query, “Creative Cat,” Big Red F Restaurant Group


Dana Faulk Query’s first restaurant job was washing dishes as an eight-year-old in her parents’ Cajun Korean restaurant in a tiny town in western Wyoming, and she’s been in the restaurant business ever since. Currently, she’s known as Big Red F Restaurant Group’s “Creative Cat.”


Started by her husband Dave Query in 1994, Big Red F includes Jax, West End Tavern, The Post, Centro, Lola and Zolo. As Dave’s partner in life and business, Dana is involved in marketing and sales, community partnerships, big-picture leadership and “keeping the grooviness of Big Red F, well, groovy,” she says, with great ideas sometimes evolving from a night by the fire pit with a few drinks.


“I try to take those big ‘that-could-never-happen-in-a-million-years’ ideas and put them into something doable, planned and collaborative,” she adds.


Dana credits her dad for her entrepreneurial spirit, while her mom, who she says is the most amazing and intelligent woman she knows, also inspires her: “Being the daughter of an immigrant, it’s important for me to support women of different cultures and backgrounds,” she says. “They add so much to our business and our world as a whole.”


Jimena Peck, Lifestyle and Editorial Photographer


For Jimena Peck, photography allows her to connect with real people and share their stories. Originally from Argentina, she and her husband moved here four years ago from Amsterdam, with the requirement that their new home has “sun + mountains.”


Growing up in a developing country exposed Jimena to diverse environments, instilling a sense of empathy that influences her work and her passion for shooting food, as well as makers, doers, travelers, cooks, farmers and anything that moves.


“The camera allows me to connect with people of all ages, colors, shapes and beliefs,” Jimena explains. “It lets us be our own storytellers without words.”


She knows there is not one path to success as an entrepreneur, but there’s a value to committing to what you are and to continually be on the move.


“This is a great time in history where women must be authentic, get engaged and show the world how we see things without forgetting about the ones who are still not being heard,” she says.



Judy Goldman, Owner, Design Studio


In 2010, Judy Goldman and her family moved to Boulder, lured by the lifestyle and landscape. Three years ago, a serious bike accident changed her life. During the long rehab and with unwavering support from her husband Charles, Judy unleashed her entrepreneurial spirit by purchasing a small interior design firm. Thanks to her three decades in the world of finance, as well as her training in graphic design, photography and her work as a Cordon Bleu-trained chef, this newest venture made perfect use of her finely tuned business sense and creative background.


Within two and a half years, she has grown the rebranded Design Studio into a multi-million national firm. In 2018, she was awarded the Rising Star Award by Colorado Biz and made their list of the top 100 women-owned businesses in Colorado.


“Women entrepreneurs and leaders today, I believe, have a responsibility to equip younger women with the tools and perspective to help guide their focus and develop appropriate parameters for the future,” Judy says.



Tami Maurer, Owner, Maurer Painting


Tami Maurer’s foray into house painting began out of a desire to spend more time with her twin girls when they were younger. Their father owned a contracting business, and she took over the painting. It was during this time she realized this was a great business opportunity for a woman, and she started her own company.


“For years, I painted with the crews every day, but once I put down the paintbrush and worked on the business and not in the business, it really took off,” Tami explains.


Maurer Painting has grown from Tami handling small projects on her own to multiple crews painting full interiors and exteriors, multi-million dollar homes and commercial properties.


“Doing this in a mostly male-dominated industry is something that I hope inspires other women to pursue their dreams, no matter how intimidating the industry seems,” she says.