Art takes many forms. From the palette of an artist to the crescendo of a musician, art has the power to move you and transport you to another place, another time. 

The same artistic magic takes place as a ballerina glides across the stage, stopping to plié and receive applause from the audience. 

“Ballet allows people to express themselves creatively, and it captivates our viewers. It is a beautiful reminder of our human side,” says Ana Claire, Artistic Director with Boulder Ballet. 

Boulder Ballet is the only professional ballet company in Boulder County and is best known for its annual Nutcracker production with the Boulder Philharmonic and Longmont Symphony orchestras during the holiday season. 

But Boulder Ballet is much more than that.  

“We also have an award-winning ballet school with more than 400 students,” says Wrenn Combs, Executive Director of Boulder Ballet. “Many of our alumni have moved on to the international stage, like the American Ballet Theatre and the Royal Ballet in London to name a few. Our popular outreach program introduces both elementary and middle school students to the power of dance and expression through movement.”

Earlier this year, Boulder Ballet also worked alongside two pediatric rehabilitation physicians to launch an adaptive dance program for children with different abilities. 

“Many of our professional company members are in demand as guest dancers across the country. The Boulder community should be proud of this talent pool,” says Wrenn. 

To the ballet community, this non-profit means so much more. 

“Boulder Ballet lets me be creative, pass on my love of children and ballet,” says Ana. “I enjoy teaching and seeing the moment when something clicks. I enjoy creating a ballet and watching it come to life through the dancers and then witnessing the audience be transformed for an hour or so.”

Boulder Ballet recently performed their annual contemporary show this year named “New Horizons,” which focused on the relationships between planets, the discovery of Pluto, as well as relationships between humans and the human spirit of exploration. This performance honored the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI) team largely responsible for the groundbreaking New Horizons mission to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt.

The ballet’s next show is a fairytale in itself. Boulder Ballet will be performing “Cinderella” and will include the musical score by Prokofiev, original scenery and costumes by the in-house costume design staff. The show will take place on May 17th at 7:30pm, May 18th at 2pm and 7:30pm and May 19th at 2pm at the Dairy ARTS Center in Boulder. 

“Come take a class, come watch our students choreograph, perform classics, perform storybook ballets, or compete in prestigious ballet competitions,” says Ana. “We are more than just the classics!” 


The First Annual Boulder Ballet Gala

Boulder Ballet is proudly presenting their First Annual Boulder Ballet Gala.

The Boulder Ballet Gala & Dance Party will take place Saturday, April 27th Boulder’s landmark eTown Hall. The event will include performances by Boulder Ballet Company dancers, a DJ, food and more.

For more information or to purchase tickets to the gala, please visit or