Artist Will Day celebrates his 10-year anniversary of creating art in Boulder.

Boulder artist Will Day pauses mid-sentence to bellow a loud, “Ow!” and almost immediately follows with an equally boisterous laugh. He’s busy hammering, he explains, to prepare a piece for his new series, and well, sometimes injuries happen. The series, Wonder, is set to open in February and contains the type of art which Will has become known for: larger-than-life abstract canvases with bold colors and an engaging sense of movement. Will is also collaborating with national poet April Tierney to create works based off of his paintings. 

“It’s really all based on this idea… I wonder if everyone had the chance to let go and work from their hearts, what could we create?” Will muses.

It’s clear from speaking to Will that the honesty and exuberance that define his artwork are also very much a reflection of the artist himself. That is, says Will, his aim: To create art that is a reflection of his own soul. To commemorate ten years of working and creating in Colorado, Will paused to chat with us about his inspiration, process and journey as an artist. 

On his burden to create: “I don’t just paint—I have to paint. I have to be in my studio. It is essential to my core and my well being as a creative person. I don’t do it to please people, but to make art that is one-of-a-kind, and most importantly, true to myself.” 

His approach to each new work: “My art is truly mixed media. I roll raw canvas on to the floor and then I walk around it, I walk on it… and just play! I want to let it sing. I use everything because each canvas has its own story to tell. It’s really all a part of being in the moment, of finding clarity in the chaos. And there’s always a thread of joy and love.” 

On staying grounded: “I’d love to be in the big museums, but it’s more important to me that I’m true to myself. I try not to get overwhelmed by the noise and distractions. I stay grounded with prayer. I workout, hike, I do yoga. Really anything that lets me be in the moment and relax. Because that’s how I paint: Just go do it and don’t hold back.”

On ten years in Colorado and his passion for the community: “The way I see it, with art, there’s room for everyone. It’s not about million dollar paintings and making it big. Not that those things are bad! But to me, it’s about touching people on their own journey and allowing them to find their own creative spirit. I want my art to draw people in and take them somewhere. And I use my studio to bring people in… we host poetry readings, yoga. I work with organizations like the Parlando School of Music in Boulder, with kids who have faced a lot of challenges. Because this all of our story. And art connects us all.”