Art can be interpreted in many different ways. That’s the most beautiful thing about art, which is really just an all-encompassing word for creating—with whatever means. With this in mind, we wanted to highlight art that uses new mediums of imagination. 

That’s where one of our main features, Artisinal Artifacts, comes in. We didn’t bother with the age-old artist question, ‘what is your muse,’ but instead asked a graphic designer, bow and arrow maker, and wool textile artist to bring their muses to our studio.

We also captured portraits of up-and-coming artists, again, all using very different ways to express their creativity. We also loved enjoying three cocktails carefully curated from Bougie Syrups. And if you’re on the hunt for a truly wild date night for dinner, look no further than Boulder-born El Conejo in Sayulita, Mexico. We’d definitely say it’s worth the trip. 

With Boulders bustling creative scene—from jewelry makers and potters to musicians and painters—we hope you find inspiration in these pages and come to appreciate our unique perspective here in the foot of the mountains. Consider this issue your guide to finding your own artistic niche. 

In honor of February, I’m signing off with love.