Up close and personal with a trio of Boulder’s up-and-coming creatives.

Caden Ellerington

For Caden Ellerington, a passion for cars and sneakers was built into this DNA. When discussing his love for old school hot rods, Kustom cars and Air Jordans, Caden notes, “I almost didn’t have a choice, it was always just there.” 

Beyond being an admirer, however, he has turned his passion into art. The self-taught artist uses pencil and paper to bring his favorite cars and sneakers to life on paper, complete with his unique twists and details. He often builds upon designs he sees, modifying and customizing to fulfill his vision of what should, or could, be. Caden finds inspiration in car magazines and at car shows, as well as in his own driveway, where his dad’s ‘56 Bel Air helps to fuel his obsession. The Monarch Freshman’s goal is to continue improving his craft, drawing by drawing, and to one day make a career out of his love for engineering and design.



Presley Church

For Presley Church, the message matters most. The Boulder High School Senior, who began sewing and creating fiber art at age four, designs and fabricates fashion pieces and clothing collections that “make a statement.” After taking classes and honing her sewing skills throughout grade school, Presley found her true calling in middle school while taking part in her first Trash the Runway event. An annual independent study workshop put on by Common Threads Creative Lab, Trash the Runway gave the young sewing maven her first opportunity to create something for a large audience, and it sparked in her a passion not only for fashion but for utilizing clothing to send a message. As Presley notes, “I think art and fashion are most powerful when they…act as a social commentary. Designing, for me, is a way to speak to people.” 

Presley, who will begin studying Fashion Design at Cornell University’s College of Human Ecology this fall, hopes to one day make her impact on the fashion industry. As she explains, “I am very interested in sustainable design and how we can…incorporate more sustainable and ethical practices and materials…to create meaningful fashion.”

PresleyChurch.com | @presley.blue


Violet Sandridge

Violet Sandridge has been an artist as long as she can remember. At just seven years old, the young creative has been growing her passion for art at Tinker Art Studio in Boulder, where her teacher Christie Hubley notes that she “has a fantastic eye for the aesthetic of her artwork, and a strong vision for the final product; she also brings fantastic energy and warmth to every class.” Violet is still busy exploring a variety of mediums, learning new processes and new ways to bring her ideas to life. As for her goals, she is hoping to learn how to “draw a real-looking person,” something she can surely achieve as she continues sharpening her skills at Tinker. Beyond creating art, Violet loves nature, reading mysteries and exploring art galleries.