Lolo Rugs and Gifts Weaves Culture & Craft into the Fabric of Pearl Street

Turkish rug making and weaving is a tradition that dates back hundreds, even thousands of years. It’s a practice steeped in vast history, timeless techniques and impeccable designs and, for Lolo Rugs and Gifts Founder Aytekin Tenekeci, it’s one that continues to shine with a unique brilliance and appeal as it weaves together old world traditions with the modern styles of today.

“Our talented rug designers and master weavers are transforming traditional motifs into new, contemporary looks,” says Aytekin. “They are experts in preserving their cultural heritage through their craft while also creatively reinventing rug fashion and being inspired by new art and design trends.”

Aytekin grew up in a small Kurdish town in what was then still a very rural area in eastern Turkey. He moved to California in 2006 after attending university in Istanbul and while studying in San Francisco, he discovered a kindred appreciation amongst his colleagues and friends for the same level of craftsmanship and artistry that was so ingrained in him during his upbringing.

“Where I grew up, everyone spent a significant amount of time creating with their hands,” says Aytekin. “Whether that be through pottery, carpentry, weaving, knitting, or carving, I learned an appreciation and reverence for meticulously handcrafted goods.”

After moving to Denver in 2014, Aytekin founded Lolo Rugs and Gifts along with business partner Ari Arisoy with the goal of bringing the Front Range a collection of colorful, unique goods that would showcase and embody the rich cultures and traditions of countries including Turkey, Egypt, Morocco, India and Pakistan. A wildly successful Cherry Creek location led to the opening of a Vail showroom and, after growing a passionate, loyal following of customers from Boulder, the founding of their newest location on Pearl Street.

For Aytekin, preserving the history and heritage of traditional Turkish rug making has been no easy feat. Yet it’s one that is foundational to the mission of his company. Lolo Rugs and Gifts has built close relationships with the weavers they employ in Turkey, India, Nepal and Pakistan, honoring their work with wages that ensure they will be able to continue practicing their incomparable workmanship and skills even in an era of industrialization, globalization and rapid economic change.

The result? The creation of fair trade rugs that are a tangible representation of the preservation of these important cultural traditions—and that is both breathtaking in their designs and truly one-of-a-kind in craftsmanship. 

Lolo Rugs and Gifts also offers a wide variety of imported fine home décor, lighting, jewelry, soaps and other textiles from around the world, bringing unique culture and contemporary style to the Rocky Mountain region.

From classic, traditional rugs to the very latest in rug fashion, Lolo Rugs and Gifts seamlessly weaves together cultural history with contemporary style, all the while working tirelessly to support the passing down of traditional Turkish rug making techniques to the next generation of artisans.