PopSockets Launches Poptivism Platform With Celebrities To Help Consumers Do Good

PopSockets, a Boulder maker of collapsible phone grips, is launching a new collection with actor and producer Zendaya Coleman to benefit the brand’s new Poptivism platform. Zendaya’s Poptivism capsule collection comprises three designs created to benefit FoodCorps.

PopSockets is thrilled to partner with Zendaya to support FoodCorps. FoodCorps believes every child—regardless of race, place, or class—deserves to be well-nourished at school. By teaching hands-on lessons in school gardens and classrooms across the United States, the non-profit connects students with healthy food, so they are ready to learn and thrive. With a social reach of over 52million, Zendaya has shared the word about her FoodCorps Poptivism grips.

The Poptivism program was designed with a single purpose: to make the world better. It is a platform for consumers to drive positive impact both individually and collectively. Whenever a consumer purchases a Poptivism grip, each of which is associated with a non-profit, PopSockets donates 50% of the sale to that non-profit. Poptivism is harnessing the power of commerce to make a positive impact globally. 


State Launches Colorado Clean Energy Fund

Gov. John Hickenlooper today joined the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) and the Coalition for Green Capital to launch the Colorado Clean Energy Fund. This fund is part of the implementation of the Colorado Climate Plan, which was updated in 2018.

The non-profit Colorado Clean Energy Fund will bring the “green bank” model to Colorado, drawing on the success of institutions in other states such as NY Green Bank and Connecticut Green Bank. Green banks use mission-driven financing to leverage private investment in clean energy projects like community solar and energy efficiency. 

With formation and operations support from the Coalition for Green Capital, the Colorado Clean Energy Fund will work with market participants to help mobilize capital and accelerate clean energy project development. The fund will seek to draw in and deploy capital from a diverse set of investors, including philanthropy. The fund will collaborate with NY Green Bank to ensure efficient, scalable and replicable financing opportunities are utilized to advance sustainable infrastructure across Colorado. “Our goal in Colorado is to make sure we have the cleanest air and water possible,” says Governor John Hickenlooper.


CU Boulder Researchers Delve Into Why Nike’s VaporFly Is Propelling Runners

A new study from researchers at the University of Colorado published this November explains why Nike’s VaporFly 4% shoes have had so much success in reducing the amount of energy expended during marathons, and why five out of the top six finishers at the New York Marathon happened to be wearing them.

A follow-up to a previous study that concluded the VaporFly reduces the amount of energy needed to run by an average of 4 percent and gave the shoe its curious name, the new research sheds light on what exactly gives the shoe an edge over its competitors. “Life and science is a bit like peeling the layers of an onion, so at first I was like ‘wow, this is a great onion,'” says Rodger Kram, director of the University of Colorado’s Locomotion Laboratory and one of the authors of the study. “And then we peel the first layer off, and it’s like ‘wow, that’s how much energy it saves,’ and then ‘why does it save that energy,’ and that’s the next layer.”