Whether you have time, money or skills—there are plenty of ways to get involved in local charities.

1. Safehouse Progressive Alliance for Nonviolence/SPAN

What they do: For nearly 40 years SPAN has offered a safe space, meals and court services to help victims of domestic abuse get out of dangerous situations.

How you can help: With some training, you can work directly with women as a crisis line volunteer or a court advocate.

Learn more at SafehouseAlliance.org.

2. Kids at the Dairy

What they do: Kids at the Dairy is a multidisciplinary arts program for children enrolled in Title 1 schools. Kids at the Dairy is completely no-cost to attendees—even transportation is covered—allowing students the chance to be creative without the cost.

How you can help: Donate money or supplies. Or if you’re a local artist, reach out and volunteer your time and talent. 

Support the Dairy at TheDairy.org.

3. Emergency Family Assitance Fund/EFAA

What they do: Exactly what their name suggests. The EFAA provides immediate aid and shelter to families who are in need of help, from basic needs to housing and court advocacy, in the Boulder area.

How you can help: Helping is as simple as driving by their North Boulder location to see what supplies they are currently in need of (think soup and other nonperishable goods) and a quick drop off!

Learn more at EFFAA.com.

4. Boulder Food Rescue

What they do: This eco-friendly charity has been taking perishable, soon-to-be-expired food away from grocery stores who won’t be selling the items and to local charities who need food—all on bikes!

How you can help: Becoming a volunteer is as easy as a quick orientation and a few practice rounds with a practiced “rescuer.” All you need is to know how to ride a bike—BFA provides bikes and carts.

Become a volunteer at BoulderFoodRescue.org.

5. Noble Grain Alliance

What they do: The Noble Grain Alliance’s founder Mona Esposito is all about bringing back whole grains to everyone’s table. She brings resources and information to all of us—for our health and the health of small noble grain farms!

How you can get involved: There are a wealth of resources at NGA’s website, but you can locally shop some noble grains here in Boulder County: check out Aspen Moon Farm at the Boulder Farmers’ Market or shop at Moxie Bread Co. in Louisville—who source all of their grains sustainably, responsibly and from small farms in the surrounding regions.

Learn more at TheGrainLady.com.

6. There With Care

What they do: There With Care provides critical needs for families and children going through critical illnesses. This can include transportation, meals, baby clothes and a support system.

How you can help: There are plenty of volunteer opportunities at There With Care. Simple ways to help include donating food and goods. If you want to work directly with families, you will need to go through There With Care’s volunteer training and complete a background check.

Learn more at ThereWithCare.org.