To reflect on a new year, we asked what our team what their focus word will be for 2019.


Grace rises above a situation, pride, a misunderstanding, our feelings, or a situation that had a different ending then we would have preferred. I choose grace for 2019 because the Lord has shown me countlessly, that with grace, I am made whole, I can forgive immediately, I can see more clearly, and accept, that every person, every circumstance, has a purpose in my story. 

Chantel Ellerington 

Director of Client Relations at Boulder Lifestyle & Cherry Creek Lifestyle 



Compassion has become the lost word of past generations and administrations. We have traded this fellow-feeling, empathy for thy neighbor and thyself, for the place-holders of hate, fear and the newly adopted rhetoric that all men are not created equal. Compassion is my mantra moving forward; for myself, my work, my fellow man, near and far, and for the hopeful glimpse that what is yet to come far outweighs what we have not yet shed from our collective past and present—strength in warmth, mercy and tenderness.

Grey Grimm 

Freelance Illustrator & Designer 



Enduring can be difficult. It is occasionally all that can be done to get from one moment in life to the next. Life has little pity, even if you and I think it should have more. 

But don’t let the world, or anything, or anyone rob you of your ability to endure. Remember, if feeling gobsmacked by life, it’s because you have already endured many things in life and still found a way to exist. 

Ben Wiese 




I think everyone could—and should—work on being a little more empathetic this upcoming year, especially in our country.

Carrie Davidson 




My focus word for 2019 is progress. To not only progress in everyday life but also progress with my photography and business. I’d like to challenge myself by continuing to create better images and grow to work with new people under new realms. 

Ladd Forde