Transforming Homes with Mosaic Architects and Interiors

Mosaic Architects and Interiors is a boutique architecture and interior design firm that specializes in creating and designing custom homes and estates in a way that captures what some people’s dreams are made of. Whether it’s re-imagining an entryway, re-orienting the home to face West instead of North or putting windows into walls, the Boulder firm is up to the task. 

Led by firm partner Jane Snyder, Mosaic worked closely with the Bennett family over the course of 14 months to take their home of 15 years and turn it into exactly what they had always wanted: a comfortable home with a breathtaking view of the Flatirons. 

While getting the Bennett family to buy into transforming their home in the foothills took time, the real challenge facing partner Snyder and the rest of Mosaic was with the form. 

The addition to the home would need to face the Flatirons at an angle that meshed well with other parts of the housethe nearby rooms, the direction of the flooring throughout the house. And there was still a question of what to do with a kitchen that was too small and facing away from one of the most breathtaking views in all of Colorado. 

The Bennetts had already been itching to renovate, and considerable basement flooding forced their hand a bit. But it was still going to be an investment of time and money that would be difficult nonetheless. 

Luckily for the Bennetts, the people they entrusted with their home happen to thrive off walking into a place, imagining what it would look like if the walls were torn down, and then building it all back up to be better than ever. 


The kitchen was in a different place before Snyder and Mosaic got their hands on it, literally: It was facing the driveway in the front of the house, and it was too cramped. 

Mosaic relocated the kitchen, installed walnut cabinets and opened it up to be an ideal space for multiple family members to gather in at once. The only issue now is that the dishes get done a bit slower than they used to, but that’s to blame on the new view. 


The lounge is at the root of the entire remodel, as walls were knocked down in favor of giant windows, a knuckle was added to the foundation of the house to support an angle toward the Flatirons, and a local artisan custom-made fireplace with a rough sandstone base was installed. Which previously did not exist. 

Instead of a breakfast table, Mosaic went with some soft seating that’s perfect for staring out into the nature surrounding the house. The size of the windows and the way the room angles toward the Flatirons creates the illusion of being out in the midst of whatever weather is rolling in from the mountaintops. 

Living Room

Snyder was adamant that the Bennett family didn’t need more square feet, but better square feet. The living room is evidence that she may have been onto something. 

As a result of having so many other windows in other parts of the house to stare through, the living room became more of an intentional seating space. With the walnut frame furniture, no television and LED lights strung across the top and bottom of the rough sandstone wall, making the rock glow at night. The living room is an intimate room that further highlights the synergy and commonalities between the elements used inside of the house and found outside it. 

Exterior Patio

The boulders strategically placed throughout the back patio are true to the elements common in the area, but they also help maintain an element of control: Even if outside among the hills, the patio is still very much a part of the property.

With neighbors on both sides, the patio is small enough to maintain a good sense of privacy, but it’s large enough to comfortably host gatherings, meals and a few drinks with friends.

When evening rolls in and lights inside the house glow, the back patio becomes the very best place to view the home’s radical and astonishing transformation. 


“We love everything about this house. They did such a superb job marrying something that was brand new to something that already existed.” 

-Sue Bennett