Art & Design Combine in a Lauren Maggio Design Bespoke Property

For Lauren Maggio, a house truly becomes a home when all of its elements, from its colors, architectural details, and material components to its furnishings and décor, reflect the inimitable personalities of its homeowners.

“I strive to help homeowners realize their intentions for the look and feel of their homes,” says Maggio. “By tapping into their personalities, I can help them create a unified vision that is wholly unique and distinctive to them.”

Making the connections between personality, style, and surroundings come naturally for Maggio. Keeping with the bespoke philosophy of Lauren Maggio Design, she applies her eye for the bold and whimsical to designs that break from many traditional design mainstays, resulting in living and working spaces that truly embody their occupants. In the case of this modern farmhouse property in Boulder’s Newlands neighborhood, Maggio blended the artful and eclectic with the functional, warm, and livable to create a unique, one-of-a-kind home.

Using the homeowners’ vast, diverse art collection as a starting point, Maggio sought to design a home that would be distinctly representative of their worldly travels, experiences, and style.

“My clients’ art truly is a reflection of who they are and the journey they’ve taken to land in Boulder,” says Maggio. “It’s eclectic and collected, which summarizes my approach to style and design as well and really brought our visions in line.”

Honoring, drawing from, and adding to the homeowner’s robust art collection, Maggio utilized a wide range of bold color choices, design elements, art pieces, and playful touches to transform this home into a piece of living art in and of itself.


The Office

Seeking to create a space that could foster peak productivity and optimal comfort, Maggio implemented a bold color drawn from the room’s curation of floral-themed artwork.

Saturated Green: Bathing the walls, trim, built-ins, and desk in this bold hue brings together tones from a variety of art pieces in the space, from a moody Marc Dennis oil painting to a cheery Gary Bukovnik watercolor.

Built-Ins: This stunning cabinetry is floor-to-ceiling and is used to store and showcase a variety of treasured items.


The Dining Room

Maggio’s signature hint of whimsy shines brightly in this light and airy space, which includes a variety of finishes (including capiz shell, driftwood, and antiqued gold) as well as unique touches and details.

Rug: Designed in conjunction with the studio of renowned rug creator Kyle Bunting, this hide rug blends various shades of blue, green, brown, and gold to tie in the art pieces bedecking the space.

Art: This playful wall of art represents a nod to the homeowners’ time spent at beach destinations during their travels.

Wallpaper: “This installation was custom-sized and oriented and is intended to be a conversation piece. The clients hope that, after long and lively dinners, friends will discuss this moment,” says Maggio.


The Living Room 

From shaggy alpaca to leather hide, the living room represents an exercise in unique textures that complement the bold colors, structure, and style of the casual adjoining kitchen.

Art: This quirky Marc Dennis still life was commissioned by the homeowners and serves as the anchor for the colors and styles used throughout the main floor.

Pillows: A deliberate effort to introduce a departure from the bold blues of the kitchen, the gold in these pillows is an underlying neutral throughout the project, while the subtle lilac surprisingly serves as a neutral contrast to the neighboring blue theme.

Sectional: This piece provides maximum seating along with a stylish opportunity to unite these adjoining rooms.