Food? For the November issue? Groundbreaking.


Based off the cover, you’re right ladies and gentlemen. This is the food issue, arguably the most fun and filling photo shoots to clean up after.


Much like a well-built, delicious recipe, we wanted to highlight food in all its form. From new farming practices, where food begins, to restaurants defining a new food concept (*cough Arcana — the cover girl) to featuring something new and something old in the restaurant scene. It’s all here, served between 100 pages of print goodness.


We also wanted to tie in something in that’s often overlooked this month, and that’s family. Let us introduce to you some of the beautiful families in Boulder, like the family affair that is Sundae Wines, and the family behind a longstanding local business devoted to charity, Floor Crafters.


In so many ways, food and family go hand in hand. Recipes passed down, dinner conversations shared, and “saluds!” to happiness over a glass of wine or beer — your pick.


This one is for the families.