The team at Ecoscape, lead by owner Bill Melvin, has been creating verdant Edens in residential neighborhoods along the Front Range for the past eighteen years.


For Ecoscape, it’s not just about planting some beautiful blooms and moving on. Melvin explains that the team, “focuses on enhancing the outdoor living environment, integrating beautiful gardens, as well as considering functional flow patterns through the landscape.”


Melvin and his team start by walking a property and listening to the client’s dreams for their outdoor space, “It’s really about listening to the clients’ desires and interpreting that into what we feel is going to work best, to be most functional and aesthetically enhancing to the space that surrounds it.”


When working on a project, like this Fraiser Meadows residential home, Melvin doesn’t just consider the spring/summer when gardens are always at their most lush. A backyard and outdoor space, especially in Colorado, needs to be beautiful year-round. 

“Certainly the year-round interest is a big focus of our design and integration of plant species….” Melvin says. “For year-round interest, we integrated a mixture of evergreen species, boulders and ornamental grasses.”


But you can’t just fill a yard with ornamental grasses and trees, flowers bring life and color to a space and make a huge difference. For this project specifically, Ecoscape brought in bright white porter aster blooms and bright scarlet bugler flower (which is a great hummingbird attractor) to pair with the tree-lined grounds.


“A lot of the trees you see are from neighboring properties,” Melvin says. “So it was really a matter of working with that, filling the gaps where we felt appropriate, as well as planting the species in the foreground that complemented the background.”


Melvin and his team create landscaping that is more than just beautiful. Ecoscapes designs yards that are functional, lush and they add their special touch to a space that you’ll utilize day after day.



Create Your Own Eden Garden


Know the light requirements.

All plants have their light requirements. Do your due diligence and research the best plants for your backyard environment.


Don’t overwater.

If a plant isn’t doing too well, it doesn’t necessarily mean they need more water. Melvin says that Colorado’s compact, clay-rich soil means that drainage is often slow, and you don’t want the roots to sit in a pool of water.


Water in the early morning.

It’s not just an old wives tale. Watering your lawn early in the morning means less sun and less wind — which means more of the water makes it to the grass.


Create an outdoor living area.

Creating a seamless fusion between your interior living space and your exterior not only means you’ll use your outdoor space more, but it also means that you’ll be able to take advantage of that Colorado sunshine fully.