Happy 30th Anniversary to Month of Modern’s (MoM) Founder! 

Reaching a pearl anniversary is an amazing accomplishment for anyone — let alone a small architecture practice such as HMH Architecture + Interiors who is celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2018.

When asked what the next thirty years hold, Cherie Goff states “We’ve come a long way in 30 years, but we have always stayed true to our core values. Design has always been a top priority along with creating a fun work environment with a good work-life balance. We always strive to do better work, and we are looking forward to the buildings of decade four and beyond.”

Meet the brains (and brawn) behind Month of Modern.

@monthofmodern | MonthOfModern.com 


Harvey Hine — Principal, AIA 
Ski instructor, jeweler, traveler, husband, father of two adult boys and architect. The Don Quixote of architects fighting city governments about ridiculous codes and losing every battle. Nothing ventured nothing gained.

Cherie Goff — Principal, AIA
Dog lover, feminist, vegetarian and Eames fan. Producing at the fulcrum of simplicity and mathematics to answer design problems with honest solutions. 
Let’s design a world that’s thoughtful, considered and aesthetically pleasing.

Lauren Folkerts — Architect 
Snowboarder, risk-taker, gardener and #vanlife lover. Designing at the sweet spot between beauty and sustainability to create strong, lasting and remarkable buildings. 

Leah Civiok — Interior Designer 
New Yorker turned nature enthusiast, foodie, Florence Knoll fan and SCAD grad. Operating at the intersection of art and elegance to design great interiors for living, breathing human beings. 

Lindsay Beukhof — Architect 
Hiking addict, DJ, dreamer and Koolhaas fan. Acting at the junction of beauty and minimalism to express a strong design concept that carries through the entire project. 

Matt Boeddiker — Designer 
Trail runner, coffee addict, gardener, outdoor explorer, cyclist and CCA grad. Performing at the intersection of context and problem solving to express innovative design solutions. I prefer clear logic to decoration.

Stephanie Bingham — Marketing 
Ninja, hustler, music lover, Swiss Design fan and proud pixel pusher. Working at the intersection of modernism and elegance to craft experiences that go beyond design. I’m fueled by beer, bluegrass and tortilla chips

Izze — Security Officer 

Security Officer, sleeper, lounger, prolific bone-stealer, acceptor of belly-rubs and treats. Car ride or long walk anyone?

Lula — Naptime Operations Director 

Naptime Operations, small but mighty, mama’s girl, swimmer, standup paddleboarder. There’s nothing a good snooze can’t cure.