With Month of Modern in its 5th year, we asked local industry leaders what they are looking forward to most this year.

Holly Bell, Rifugio Modern: 

I always walk away from the Month of Modern kick-off event feeling energized and inspired! The guest panel is typically an unexpected mix of professionals from various aspects of the design industry (cooking, industrial design, architecture, bicycle design, etc…). This event is a true and rare opportunity to make connections with people we may not meet otherwise.  

Brett Zimmerman, Boulder Wine Merchant:

I am looking forward to contributing again to the lifestyle component of this great design community event. We are honored to be included with such a special group of Boulder people and businesses. The month of Modern 2018 should be the best yet!

Brian Pignanelli, Rifugio Modern:

Definitely the closing party! The Venue of eTown Hall is so unique, and the event always draws an amazing group of people.

Craig David, Audi Flatirons: 

Month of Modern has been a constant evolution of different industries and different ideas. As it continues to grow and evolve, we’re eager to see what other industries participate. The diversity is what makes it so great!

Ted Church, Anthem Branding: 

I am looking forward to having a thoughtful exchange of ideas about how to keep our diverse design community thriving.