Upslope Brewing Company’s Craft Lager

Beer Name: Craft Lager

Brewery: Upslope Brewing Company

Price Tag: $8.99 for a six-pack 

Style: Lager

ABV: 4.8%


What’s the Flavor: A crisp, refreshing patio pounder. Slightly sweet with an enjoyable malty personality.    


Aroma: Toasted bread with delicate floral undertones.


Would Taste Best With: Grab a hot dog, top with homemade relish and wash down with a can of suds for a classic American go-to. Otherwise, spicy chicken, summer salads and your favorite grilled items are a match. The carbonation in this beer is the perfect palate cleanser to any spiced cuisine. 


Overall: As Upslope’s #1 best-selling beer, this beer really is a no-brainer. It’s approachable, pairs with all your summer favorites and is easily a crowd pleaser. With the local hot peppers popping off, spicy foods will love having this beer as their partner in crime.


Final Comments: Head down to Upslope Brewing Company’s Flatiron Park taproom for a Craft Lager and one of Lazo’s Empanadas. The friendly bartenders highly recommended this delicious combo. Upslope is also known for their philanthropic efforts, so consume responsibly knowing each sip is going to a good cause.  


Color Rating: Light – one shaded cup 

Hop Rating: One shaded hop