Three fun, engaging ways to keep your kids learning, growing and exploring long after the last bell has rung

Square State Skate

For kids gunning to hop on board and learn a few new tricks, Square State Skate is an obvious choice. Skate programs run year round, including both Saturday sessions and full day camps on days when BVSD is closed for holidays, breaks or teacher work days. The program “teach[es] skills necessary for skateboarding-balance, confidence, determination and problem solving — and then help[s] transfer those skills off of the board as well.” Square State provides students the chance to spend those all-important, after-school hours meeting new friends, exploring the community and building newfound confidence.


Boulder Karate

Offering classes for kids aged 4-12, Boulder Karate gives kids the opportunity to learn practical self-defense skills while getting out all of their energy in a profoundly positive way. On top of learning Shaolin Kempo Karate, which “combines the circular, fluid motion of Chinese Kung Fu and linear, powerful movements of Japanese Karate,” students will explore Boulder Karate’s five core values: Attitude, Integrity, Respect, Self Control and Heart. Classes are split by age and experience level, so students get to progress at a comfortable, no-pressure pace.



ABC Kids Climbing

For parents of kids with a penchant for terrifying them by climbing on anything and everything, ABC Kids Climbing is the answer. ABC boasts a 7,200 square foot climbing mecca for kids of all ages, from two and a half to 18. The gym hosts a variety of classes for school-aged children in the afternoons and weekends, weekday and weekend morning classes for preschool-aged climbers, and even a class that caters explicitly to homeschooled children. Beyond classes, ABC Kids Climbing also offers summer and school holiday camps, Parent’s Night Out, Open Gym, and a nationally recognized team. No matter your child’s age or skill level, ABC’s programs are a fantastic opportunity for them to learn new skills, stay active and safely scale the walls.