A Review


BREWERY: Avery Brewing Co.

STYLE: (an activated) India Pale Ale

ABV: 5.5%

PRICE TAG: $9 for a six-pack


WHAT’S THE FLAVOR? Bright with hints of citrus. Crisp finish.

If you’re not a fan of bold, heavy hopped brews — fear not! While hops are essential to any IPA, Go Play has just the right amount of hops that won’t overpower the whole sip.


AROMA? Hints of yeast and bread on the nose.


Light to dark scale (1-6) 1

Hop Scale (1-6) 3


WOULD TASTE BEST WITH: An end of summer BBQ or a 14er adventure before the prime hiking season is over. Its light yet distinct flavor makes it an excellent pair for summer salads or burgers. Its crisp finish also makes it the perfect reward to a day full of biking or hiking or whatever you choose to do while soaking up the sun.


OVERALL: A great beer for anyone heading to their last summer BBQ or filling up a cooler for a camping trip.


FINAL COMMENTS: Even if IPAs aren’t your first choice, Go Play IPA is a great introduction to the style. Refreshing and light yet bold and can hold its own. It’s a great example of hops that are powerful but don’t drown out the other, juicy flavors present. Enjoy the remaining warm days of summer and go play.