How Liana Bezuidenhout is bringing Boulder’s time-strapped a brand new way to get fit, on their time.

For those striving to lead a healthy life, there are two key principles to live by: eat well and exercise. For most, however, this is easier said than done. Fitting a workout into an already hectic schedule can seem daunting at best, impossible at worst. For Liana Bezuidenhout, a restaurateur in Cape Town, the struggle was very real.

When an Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) studio opened just a stone’s throw from her restaurant, Bezuidenhout was immediately intrigued. The lure of a 20-minute full-body workout was irresistible, and soon she was hooked. Once back on American soil and living in Louisville, Bezuidenhout sought out a local studio to continue her training, but couldn’t find a single one — not one, in fact, in all of the US. So, Bezuidenhout planted her own. Enter: FITtec.

FITtec. specializes in EMS training: the stimulation of muscle contraction using electric impulses. These impulses work the muscles externally, eliciting muscle contractions that are more intense than voluntary exertions can induce on their own. 

EMS offers a bevy of benefits, one stand-out being its incredible time-saving nature. Because FITtec.’s EMS device — an Xbody suit boasting strategically placed electrodes — stimulates multiple muscle groups simultaneously, one 20-minute training session is equal to 90 minutes of traditional weight training. Bezuidenhout herself went from working with a trainer multiple times a week to just two 20-minute EMS training sessions a week, and yet she’s “the strongest and the fittest” she has ever been.

When compared to traditional workouts, time is not the only thing EMS training saves: the muscle stimulation provided allows for a deep, full-body workout, but skips the joint and back problems that often accompany high-intensity activity. Because the impulses target each muscle directly, there is no pressure put on the joints, thus increasing stabilization and reducing pain. In working the back, EMS hones in on the muscles along the spinal column that often go untouched in a typical workout, therefore relieving a multitude of back issues.

No matter the age, experience level or end goal, EMS training is suitable for all. As Bezuidenhout explains, “the beauty about EMS is that we can tailor the workout to suit any fitness level and any transformation goal…using a three-pronged approach: fitness, nutrition and motivation.”

For Boulder’s own time-challenged fitness-seekers, Bezuidenhout and FITtec. EMS is providing a brand new way for anyone and everyone to get fit, healthy and “live their best life” — all on their time.