Within each community, there are those who need a little extra attention. But it’s more common than not for those who need help to be right underneath our noses. Whether its a neighbor, a friend or even a family member, the senior community tends to be forgotten. Aging faces and tired hands lost to the ever-changing society around us.

Previously known as Boulder County CareConnect, Cultivate’s goal is to grow relationships and opportunities for seniors within the Boulder County community. As a non-profit, their mission is to work with seniors no matter where they are in the community whether it’s at their own home or a senior living facility. With over 500 active volunteers each month, Cultivate was able to serve 6,719 seniors and their household members in 2017 alone. 

“It’s so rewarding to hear beautiful stories shared by seniors and volunteers of how impactful those relationships have been,” says Director of Communications Shun-Luoi Fong. 

Cultivate provides services such as grocery delivery, transportation to medical appointments, a fix-it program to repair basic household needs along with seasonal help such as lawn cleanup and shoveling snow. 

“Our senior neighbors are important members of our community. They have contributed so much, and they still have so much to offer,” says Fong. “But they also face daily challenges which can be isolating. We have the opportunity to give back, and help make an impact in their lives.”

Fong recognizes the relationships being formed around him every day between seniors and volunteers.

“Juanita and Susan are a perfect example,” says Fong. “Susan drove Juanita to medical appointments, but before long it turned into shopping trips, and simply hanging out together outside of Cultivate.”

 Ideally, Cultivate’s ultimate goal is to one day see people in the community take on these initiatives without their help. 

“We would love to see communities take the initiative to come alongside and support their seniors without us, and allow seniors to make an impact in their lives,” says Fong. “Until then, we are here to make sure seniors are connected to the community.”