Interiors that Inspire

From eco-friendly office spaces to coffee houses filled with community tables, these impeccably-designed spaces are definitely insta-worthy. Here are three creative spaces to get the work juices flowing.

Cast Iron Design (CID)


It’s a local’s club at Cast Iron Design’s eco-friendly studio space. All of their furniture was made by Lyons-based Goodson Works, using beetle-kill pine (and get this: the wood, mill, furniture maker and the office are all within a radius of about 150 miles of each other. Talk about local.) The wood gives a natural feeling to the mostly-white space.


“Our studio is primarily white to a.) reflect the natural light from the windows and b.) to create a timeless, neutral foundation for our space to balance out the visual complexity of our beetle kill furniture,” says Jonny Black and Richard Roche, the owners of Cast Iron Design.


Proper Coffee + Cocktails


Conversation and community were at the forefront of the design for this new Lafayette coffee house and bar. Homey design details (like the hickory wood furniture and community seating throughout) and custom details (check out the custom open neon sign) make the large space feel comforting. High ceilings make the space airy, while dark, polished concrete floors and subtle tilework behind the bar ground the design.


“I thought endlessly about all of the details for at least a year before this project kicked off…” says Cody Osborn, founder of Proper Grounds Coffee Roasters. “I learned that I will always be learning about design and how it impacts the customer experience.”


Highland City Club


You might have noticed the imposing stone building on the corners of 9th and Arapahoe Streets. Built in 1890 and purchased by current owner Sina Simantob in 1978, the space has been renovated and reworked to fit modern needs (and styles). The third-floor co-working space has natural lighting, greenery, bright-white accents and a functioning fireplace in its kitchen for members to enjoy during caffeine breaks. Simantob has brought the space into the 21st century while maintaining the uniqueness of its history.


“Highland is fortunate to have many unique design elements, from its award-winning gardens to its historic bell tower with a 22-foot high ceiling and a striking custom-designed chandelier,” Simantob says.