Entrepreneurship Endurance 7

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Entrepreneur and endurance athlete Eric Hinman first visited Colorado in May 2017 for a business trip and quickly fell in love with the mountains and lifestyle. He decided to trade living on the east coast for the west coast. He recently relocated to Denver, and his active lifestyle fits right in. “I’ve always been super-competitive with myself, wanting to learn, grow, improve and see what my mind and body are capable of,” he says. He has always been active — playing three sports in high school, running, weightlifting and later picking up triathlon and competing in Ironman. He soon found benefits were not only physical but mental as well. “I realized mental benefits are just as significant as the physical benefits — having unlimited energy, improved focus, bouts of creativity and resilience to endure anything thrown at you,” Hinman says. Eventually, his passion for fitness and health merged with his career path. In 2013, he co-founded an athletic club in Syracuse, New York called Urban Life Athletics and then in 2016 he co-founded a fast-casual restaurant called Original Grain. Over the years, his following on social media (mainly Instagram @erichinman) has steadily increased. Now, he utilizes his platform to work with athletic brands to promote products that he loves and frequently uses. “My role now is very early stage — helping create brands that solve my problems and things I’m super passionate about, finding amazing operators and assembling a team that shares the vision,” he describes. Here is an inside look at some of Hinman’s favorite things — some accessories that enhance his daily routine and a move to add to your workout regime.

Burpee Box Jump Overs

Set a clock to run up in time.

On the first minute, complete one burpee box jump over.

Jump into plank position — arms at your side, both legs extended straight behind you.

Bring feet to hands — crouch position.

Jump from floor to box, from top of box to opposite side of the floor.

Repeat the motion.

On the second minute, complete two burpee box jump overs.

Add one rep each minute, until you can no longer perform the given reps in a minute.

—> Shoot for 10+; if you get 15 or more, you might be superhuman!

Fulton .75 from Wolaco

These pants are at the intersection of comfort and convenience. They are a quarter-length, compression pant that includes two sweat proof pockets. You can keep your phone, house keys or other valuables safe and secure during your sweatiest workout.  

The Pace sneakers from STR/KE MVMNT

Good, supportive shoes never go out of style. “My go-to shoe for training – perfect for lifting, metabolic conditioning, and HIIT workouts,” Hinman says. 

The GO Pill

“Sustained energy and focus is the key to success in anything,” Hinman says. “The Go Life gives me both with no adverse side effects. It’s the only supplement I take.”

Jogger pants from ASRV

Made with fabric that ensures durability, breathability and sweat-wicking ability so it will stretch and move with you but maintain its shape.

Distance shirt from Ten Thousand

This shirt could come in handy on your next run or hike. Hinman appreciates its lightweight feel when working out.