A Need for Speed 5

Me & My Ride

BMW R60 with Factory Steib Sidecar

Nathan James, aka "sirdrifto"


Littleton, Colorado

Adventurist and Founder/CEO of Breed of Speed

The satisfaction of bringing an old motor back to life. The adrenaline of driving a classic car to its limits. The bliss of riding a vintage motorcycle up a curvy Boulder canyon road on a warm summer evening. These are the experiences that fuel a passion for motorcycles and automobiles in Nathan James.

From learning to ride as a child on a vintage Enduro to growing his collection of classic cars and motorcycles today, Nathan has a love for the sensation of speed and the mechanics and personalities of each and every one of his vehicles. With a collection ranging from the rickety to the racetrack-ready, each of his machines has a complex character born from its own unique path.

While his Ducati is an Italian-made beauty and his 1968 Mercedes W108 is the epitome of class, it’s James’ German-built 1961 BMW R60 motorcycle with factory Steib sidecar that brings him more smiles per mile than any of his other machines. Even though its brakes may be questionable, its speed may be lacking, and it harbors a tendency to drip oil on his best shoes, it is a bike that embodies the rare character James loves in a machine.

Canine Copilot

What does it take to be the perfect copilot? Ask Otto!

Whether he’s perched in his sidecar wagging his tail or curled up after a long day’s ride, Otto brings his sense of adventure along with Nathan wherever he goes.