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How The Bloom Method Spreads Their Empowering Message


Pregnancy and the postpartum period can be wrought with feelings of anxiety, fear, and diminished bodily control for many women. Weary of the perpetuation of these disempowering messages, Brooke Cates, CEO & Founder of The Bloom Method in Boulder, set out to shift the perspective on just how powerful expecting and new moms can be.

Through a blend of advanced education and revolutionary training methods, The Bloom Method marks a more effective way for expecting and postpartum mothers to exercise. Beyond these physical goals, The Bloom Method helps women feel strong and empowered throughout their journey into motherhood.

For Cates, spreading The Bloom Method’s mission means engaging with her audience inside and outside the studio. Across social platforms, Cates advocates for The Bloom Method’s philosophy using a few foundational social media practices rooted in education, transparency, and, of course, fun.


Educate & Empower

Engaging in social media for us means working to shift perceptions around being active during pregnancy, prepping for birth, and being empowered in our bodies. We educate our followers through playful, empowering posts and interactions consistent along these themes, which are huge within our brand and the overwhelming focus of our social platforms.

Always Be Authentic

Social media can contain a lot of falseness, and I want no part of that. Everything we share is real. It can also be very raw and is always completely transparent. That’s the only way we intend to communicate and share our perspectives and methods with our followers.

A Personal Touch

Allowing followers to get to know our coaches in our lives inside and outside the studio is a valuable tool in helping them relate to our mission. As we launch Studio Bloom Online in late May, our coaches will be opened up to a new global audience, and establishing these relationships will be even more important.

More Growth, More Responsibility

Gaining and retaining followers isn’t just about being creative and clever with your posts. Ample, often daily interactions with the women who engage with us is a crucial, if not the most important, element of staying connected with our followers.

Never Forgo Fun

It’s important to never take yourself too seriously. That’s when the fun and enjoyment that originally sparked your business or mission gets lost. I adore what I do, what we stand for at The Bloom Method, and how we’re creating change in the pre and postnatal world, and it’s imperative to keep that shining through in our social media.