After years capturing the beauty of the West, Artist Michelle Courier finally has her feet firmly planted in Colorado soil

Michelle Courier was born to be an artist. The daughter of a painter and a weaver, Courier got her first easel at the age of four. Her passion for art was stoked from the start, as she spent every summer driving cross-country with her parents so that her father could capture stunning landscapes across the West, cataloging photos to paint from through the frigid Michigan winters.

Courier’s path was shaped by these family traditions, and as an adult, she followed closely in her father’s footsteps. Though she began by drawing portraits, she soon made a name for herself as an acrylic painter with a focus on capturing beautiful landscapes, just as her father has done. For many years she even mimicked her father’s lifestyle, traveling the country during the summers and painting from photos through the winters.

A passionate hiker, Courier is drawn to painting landscapes because she finds that “photos never make you feel the way you felt when you were there.” She has spent 20 years honing a keen eye for stunning views and developing an incredible talent for transferring those gorgeous views onto a canvas.

In 2016, Courier’s path shifted, pivoting away from Michigan winters and road-tripping summers to a full-time home in Denver. Courier has been drawn to the West since she was 12, and in 2016, the stars aligned. She came across an open gallery space that was centrally located in the energetic, artistic Tennyson neighborhood. As Courier explains, “it just clicked.” Thus, Westward Gallery was born.

Westward is run by Courier and her business partner, Patti Klapish. The two women are thrilled to be a part of the Tennyson community and have already made great efforts to become a go-to space in the neighborhood, hosting events like book signings and parties, and hosting drop-in yoga classes on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

As far as her personal career is concerned, Courier’s work is currently featured in galleries across the country, including Legacy Gallery in Bozeman, Montana; Art Obsessions Gallery in Truckee, California; Pacific Crest Gallery in South Lake Tahoe, California; Freed Gallery in Lincoln City, Oregon, and C2C in Grand Haven, Michigan. She has been in the art industry for 30 years, proud to have her work displayed in many prominent galleries; opening her own gallery was never the plan exactly, but she always had a vision for how to display her own work, and now she is loving the opportunity to do just that.

Courier and Klapish are incredibly proud of what they have created in Westward Gallery, and their goal is to continue making their mark as a staple of their community, providing beautiful art and memorable experiences to those around them.

Westward Gallery

4400 Tennyson St, Denver