A little tender loving care by 
TLC Gardens.

TLC Gardens, a design-build firm in Longmont, brings expertise and passion to a client’s vision to make their dream outdoor space a reality. Western Exposure, one of their unique, award-winning projects, was designed and built over ten months. 

The client’s primary goal in this project was to create seamless transitions between the exterior and interior spaces. To achieve this, significant time was spent developing flow patterns, view corridors, and material specifications for modern outdoor spaces. 

Office Manager, Emma Jackson, notes that the team abides by many core values, one of the most important being a commitment to reconnecting clients with nature. For Western Exposure, purposeful spaces such as a volleyball court and wood fire pit were implemented to increase activity in the natural areas of the landscape, bringing nature to the comfort of their client’s home. 

The team utilizes repurposed and recycled materials in various design elements, which exhibits their core value of environmental stewardship. Such materials were utilized in Western Exposure, seen in the steel used for fences and gates, artificial turf made from recycled plastics, low-voltage LED lighting, and plant material suited to our region. Environmental stewardship is also displayed in the water management plan implemented in this project. Operations Manager, Luke Ames, explained that integration of roofline drainage to irrigate plant material is key in the management of excess water and the protection of our watershed. 

According to lead designer Kalani Masika Blackwell, constant communication throughout design and construction execution is key.  

“We make sure the end product is what the client would want to live in and experience in longevity,” Blackwell explains.

The final product is creative and beautiful and, Cheri Stringer, owner of TLC Gardens, takes it one step further in her understanding that the final product is meant to exhibit standards of construction, aesthetics, and design that enhance the clients’ lives.

Stringer explains, “We look to return our clients to nature through an exceptional design-build product.”