Full disclosure: there are some (scratch that, many) challenges 
when coordinating an eco, outdoor, farming issue in the middle of February. We searched far and wide for green pastures and blossoming flowers 
only to find dormant grasses and hibernating blooms. The good news is, there’s always photoshop to help with that. 

Despite some hurdles this month, our feature story about Lineage Seeds has more important issues to solve. At the root of all food production are seeds, and as we learned there’s an issue with global seeds knocking locally adapted seeds off the map. The problem with that? Commercial agriculture and global seeds are full of chemicals. Here’s where Jared Hagood, owner, and founder of Lineage Seeds, comes in to preserve, promote, and educate why local farms should, and do, use locally adapted seeds.

Another challenger taking on an environmental issue is Brittney La Gesse. Inspired by the zero-waste movement, La Gesse opened Refill Revolution, a Boulder store specifically created to spread the message that reducing waste is not only essential but easy and accessible. The simple solution? Refilling bottles from home with all-natural products.  

We also got a chance to get behind-the-scenes with three young and talented designers who are taking part in Recycled Runway, and got expert opinions on how to spring clean your mind, home, and finances. 

The April issue highlights people in the community with eco-friendly mindsets. The lesson we learned is that no matter how big the problem is (like doing a photo shoot in an empty greenhouse) there’s always a solution. 

Thanks for flipping through,