the future of smart homes with Aurum Technology.

What are the new trends in technology

Anyone who has watched TV in the past year has seen and heard all about voice control.  Although still in its infancy; the future control of your home will all be through voice.  

Can I add technology to my existing home? What about my current systems?

Absolutely! Aurum has many retro-friendly solutions. We can design systems using your existing infrastructure and leverage robust wireless technologies to accomplish most things.  Lighting control, automated window coverings, wireless networks and media rooms are common updates to existing homes that don’t require a significant amount of new wiring, yet add value, energy savings and most of all, FUN!

Spring is coming. What can be done in 
outdoor entertainment?

Colorado and outdoor living go hand-in-hand. Enjoying a sunset over the Rockies with a glass of wine while watching the big game or listening to high-quality music are common with our indoor/outdoor lifestyle. Audio systems that rival the performance of indoor systems, yet resemble landscape lights, are our go to. We conceal the speakers, so the vista and your landscape design are the stars of the show.

My computer network is slow and has spotty wireless coverage throughout 
my property. What does an Aurum network look like?

The network is the most used appliance in your home. It is the nerve center and backbone of our connected lives. Whether supporting the home systems or communicating with the outside world, it simply has to work.  We even offer a concierge service where Aurum is the liaison with your internet service provider, so you never have to sit on hold!

Does Aurum do work outside of Denver? Do you work on multiple homes?

Aurum has worked around the country, and for the right project, around the world!  A benefit to having Aurum provide technology for your properties is having a unified interface.  There is no learning curve when you go from one home to the other since the systems are meticulously designed to resemble each other.

Where can I experience this technology?

The Aurum showroom in Denver’s RiNo district offers homeowners & design/build professionals the opportunity to experience and interact with the solutions we provide. It is a welcoming environment that demonstrates the art of what’s possible for integrating design-centric technology in homes. We take a consultative approach to finding what our clients find value in and how they live.