A creative, feel-good space with a “no service commute.” Available on Airbnb, this little lodge gives us all of the design feels.

From the Stylist Emily Choi 

As a stylist, I’m constantly inspired by global influences. I love how the owners of the Little Red Lodge were able to combine textile inspiration from all over the world to create a cozy and eclectic space. Warm red Kilim and Persian rugs ground the space and add warmth and coziness, perfect for a cabin nestled in the woods. The traditional patterns impart a sense of familiarity and a timelessness that are an ideal backdrop to evergreens and a warm fire in the hearth. Indigo dyed throw pillows add a bohemian flair inspired by either African mud cloths or indigo dying techniques from Japan. I’ve seen indigo everywhere lately; I think in a way, the textiles remind us all of our favorite pair of selvage denim and a soft white t-shirt. 

I especially enjoy the Mexican inspired upholstered chair they have in the study. Fabricated and dreamed up by Denver designer and fabricators Fin Art Co, it adds eccentricity and charm to the space—simultaneously clashing and complementing—creating something unexpected and charming. Like a newly minted tattoo on the lovely collection that is the Little Red Lodge. 

From the Editors 

Naturally, we love natural accents. I mean, we do live in Colorado. If you’re going to live in a little lodge up in the mountains, then you’ve got to have a few nods to nature through the design. 

What we loved is the all marble bathroom (hello, luxury) and the unique DIY leather drawer handles done by the creative and crafty homeowner. Fin Art Co, an all-time favorite furniture maker amongst restaurants, provided the leather. The leather nobs latch perfectly onto the wooden kitchen shelves also designed by Fin Art Co. (See tasting notes details above.)

Now to the bathroom. Not only is there a beautiful open view of trees with solitary peace, but the room is also decked head-to-toe with grayscale marble. If you’re afraid to get your feet wet with an all-marble bathroom, maybe cold feet is a concern? Don’t worry, a vintage rug does the trick. Overall, this beautiful lodge is a real-life Pinterest board that has us inspired to renovate and refine.