In The Kitchen with Kimbal Musk 3

An inside look at food revolutionary Kimbal Musk’s favorite hometown-inspired dish.

Known as a “founding father of the modern food movement,” Kimbal Musk has launched initiatives across the country to change the way we view, enjoy, and learn about food. 
A firm believer that “it’s a human right to understand what we are putting in our bodies,” Kimbal Musk is leading the charge to change the way America’s kids eat.

In 2011, Musk, owner of Front Range hot spots The Kitchen, The Kitchen Upstairs, Next Door Eatery and Hedgerow, launched a nonprofit called Learning Gardens, installing gardens in 300 schools across the country to help students foster a passion and appreciation for real food. Now, Musk has taken his initiative global, renaming it Big Green and earning himself a spot as a 2017 Social Entrepreneur of the Year for his efforts.

Musk grew up in Pretoria, South Africa, where a medley of cultures converge. Here, Musk was introduced to a Portuguese spice called “Piri Piri” – the South African version of Tabasco sauce. Though Musk won’t reveal his entire Piri Piri recipe, he explains that it has a vinegar, cilantro and ginger base. He recommends pairing it with chicken or shrimp, though, as he notes, you can put Piri Piri “on everything.” Though the spice is not yet well-known in the US, Musk has given it a space to shine—his favorite Piri Piri Sandwich can be found on the menu at both The Kitchen and Hedge Row.