Creativity Curated by Juniper Books

For Thatcher Wine, CEO and founder of Boulder’s Juniper Books, there’s much more to a shelf of volumes than its spines, bindings, covers, and pages on pages of words. 
By bringing artfully designed book sets and collections into the homes of customers and clients, Wine seeks to physically surround them with stories that will transport them to worlds beyond their own while comforting, challenging, and exciting them.

Lisa: Tell me how Juniper Books came to be.

Thatcher: I’ve always loved reading and collecting books. In 2001, I started selling rare books and first editions as a hobby, then started creating niche collections and entire libraries in 2005. Clients appreciated how I built collections the whole family could enjoy, and the business grew as I found that others could also benefit from an effort to find them the books they wanted in the style they wanted and create them a collection to last forever.

Lisa: What sets are you most often commissioned to create, and what makes them unique?

Thatcher: Our ready-made line includes over 300 offerings, with popular collections including the Harry Potter and Game of Thrones series, Jane Austen and Ernest Hemingway. On the custom side, we work on hundreds of one-of-a-kind orders a year, such as works of Stephen King or presidential biographies. We curate each set one book at a time then conceptualize designs for custom print jackets, working with each client until we’ve achieved their desired look.  

Lisa: Who are your artists and where do they get their inspiration?

Thatcher: We have a team of graphic designers in-house and artists we often partner with, and the inspiration comes from the books themselves. In our designs, we try to turn books inside out so you can feel what they’re about just by looking at them on the shelf.

Lisa: You also work with architects and designers to bring large collections and libraries to life.

Thatcher: Yes, that’s a big part of our business. These projects usually start with drawings that give us an idea of the size of the shelves and discussions about the style of the space. We customize everything, so clients have the books they want while the designers achieve the look they’ve envisioned.

Lisa: Tell me about the work you do with nonprofits in Colorado and nationally.

Thatcher: Books achieve so much in so many different ways. One book can get a child interested in reading and storytelling at a young age. They create community when people read the same title and share experiences and interpretations of it with each other. These are all efforts we’re involved in by supporting many literacy and education nonprofits.

Lisa: What’s your future vision for Juniper Books?

Thatcher: There’s so much potential ahead! The printed book has been around for over 500 years, and it’s here to stay. There’s simply no substitute for holding a book in your hands. We plan on introducing more sets to continue appealing to our ever-expanding audience and encouraging a love for books and design in our work.