We find a lot of inspiration on Instagram these days, and this month we connected with @darcie_shively AKA Darcie Shively, after spotting her fiber creations on our feed. Call it chance, and it ties in perfectly with Shively’s story. Her weavings have evolved to what she calls “records of chance,” designing patterns with primarily wool and cotton fiber pulp with a flip of a coin (or occasionally a magic eight ball). Although her role as an artist takes a backseat to motherhood, Shively’s daily adventures with her son are recorded, like a diary, through patterns, color and simple designs. Here’s what 24 hours can inspire in the day of the life of artist and designer Darcie Shively.  

5:30 AM  I wander into my toddler’s bedroom to sleep next to him until he wakes up.

6:30 AM  My son usually starts stirring.

7:00 AM  My husband, son and I take a walk down to Pearl Street for coffee and to hit Barker Park playground.

8:30 AM  I may get a shower in if I’m lucky before the part-time nanny, Paula, comes.

9:00 AM  I start working on whatever brand strategy project I might be on at the moment.

9:30 AM  I get distracted by all the things in the house that need to get done so I head down to work at Boxcar.

10:00 AM  I’m settled in with my cortado and a delicious pastry.

10:15 AM  I inevitably run into someone I know and enjoy another procrastination moment catching up with them.

10:30 AM  Focus on getting my work done for the next hour or two.

12:00 PM  If I’m not working through lunch, I try to have a quick lunch at Arcana with friends if they’re available. (Chocolate chip cookies, anyone?!)

1:30 PM  I’m back home to relieve the nanny and enjoy a couple of hours of weaving time in my studio (recently renovated with Brad Burch and Joel Smiley).

3:30 PM  My son is up and ready to go. We take adventures around town or meet up with his “girlfriends” at North Boulder Park.

5:00 PM  I start getting dinner going, usually Sun Basket or if I’m really lucky something delicious from Cured.

6:00 PM  Sit at the dinner table with my son and husband to talk about how our days went.

6:30 PM  Bath time and bedtime routine with my son. Currently, our favorite book is Du Iz Tak?

7:00 PM  Head back down to the studio to continue weaving. My husband and I agree to something on Netflix, and he brings his paintings in to hang out with me while we work for a couple of hours.

9:00 PM  I do my beauty regimen consisting of brushing teeth and splashing some water on my face.

9:15 PM  I plop into bed and for an hour and read (right now, Ready Player One by Ernest Cline).

10:30 PM  Zzzzzzzzzz

5:30 AM  Repeat