Name: Rosebud

Brewery: Upstart Kombucha, Boulder, CO

Style: Roses and white tea

What’s the flavor?

Light and effervescent. The rose is subtle yet present, making for a fun and atypical flavor, without a strong underlying vinegar taste. Upstart mentions that after fermentation, the roses almost taste like grapefruit, and I couldn’t agree more. The simplicity of ingredients (water, organic cane sugar, rose buds, organic white tea, rose tea blend) made for a refreshing and easy drink. 


When first opened, it reminded me of standing in the middle of a rose garden with a hint of citrus scent to it as well.

Would taste best with?

Light, summery type meals. Hey, we could all use a summer refresher mid-winter. Leafy salads, fruits, quinoa dishes and pasta with a white wine sauce or olive oil-based sauce are all great pairs for this flavor to wash down. 


I really enjoyed this kombucha. Being brewed with white tea, it was lighter and more delicate than most kombuchas. The rose adds a special touch, especially since I’m typically drawn to more fruit-forward flavors, and it’s an ingredient not commonly seen in the brewing world. Though it would be perfect on a hot summer day, I’m hooked on it and will continue to drink it year-round. Upstart is doing great things, and I’m excited to try the rest of their flavors after this great first impression. 

Final Comments: 

It is often said that the simplest solution is best, and Upstart Kombucha has that nailed down with their short list of ingredients. If you’ve been on the fence about diving into the kombucha world, the Rosebud kombucha is a great introduction. Grab a bottle and treat yourself!