Audi | Q5 2

A test drive at Audi Flatirons 
of the new Audi Q5

The Audi Q5 is everything that I expected from the brand. A beautiful leather interior and sleek exterior. 

Everything is at the steering wheel including all of the bells and whistles; it almost comes off as a cockpit. With these controls at your fingertips, it allows for safer driving. 

When driving through a crowded parking lot, similar to a dealership or even the tight alleys of the city, the overhead camera is a parking feature that allows the driver to gain confidence in these types of situations. The parking camera not only provides viewing of rear obstacles but also those approaching. I sense this feature being helpful in the mountains or camping to avoid damaging the SUV.

Driving the Audi Q5 through the mountains is when you truly begin to fall in love with the SUV and begin to grasp its potential. It’s no wonder that the Q5 has ranked the top of its class in numerous reviews. Audi did a complete redesign of this 2018 line, making luxury standard. For example, full leather interior (the model I drove had a dreamy chocolate interior) and auto-dimmed heated mirrors.

The drive is quiet and serene; the Audi Q5 does an excellent job of canceling exterior noise of the traffic. The panoramic sunroof is magnificent and ideal to take in the scenery on road trips.

As we set off towards the mountains, I was able to experience the Q5’s pick-up and braking system. The SUV drives like a sports sedan, hugging the curves of the mountains as if this type of driving was what it was built for. The brakes are smooth and do not jerk, making the ride even more luxurious and satisfying. I have personally never felt so confident and in control of a vehicle than when driving this SUV – a confidence every driver needs to experience.

It’s no wonder that Audi Flatirons has had a difficult time keeping the Q5 in stock. There is an incredible power that compels the driver to dominate the road.

+ Test drive today at Audi Flatirons, 

+ 13321 W Midway Blvd

+ Broomfield