Revel, Revel 28

Our holiday gift guide is about to make your list a little bit longer

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of giving someone you love the perfect gift. This year, we teamed up with local business owners who let us into their homes to showcase an incredible list of items – all from local stores. From a throw for your friend who loves to stay in when the temperatures drop, to a salt block for your dad who loves to grill, to something special that your sister would never buy for herself…this year’s gift guide has you covered.

In the Living Room with | Poss Lambert + Alex Dalton | Cedar & Hyde Mercantile

“We keep the fireplace going most nights, so we like to have an abundance of pillows, blankets, and sheepskins lying around— having 3 fuzzy dogs doesn’t hurt either!”

In the Kitchen with | Will + Coral Frischkorn | Cured

“Give a gift with thought, sentiment, and a little bit of fat.”

Getting Ready with | Elizabeth Rose | Nod and Rose

There are so many parties and family gatherings during this time, I feel like my bathroom might reflect that. Makeup and jewelry everywhere and one of my children getting into my perfume, lotion, the list goes on.

Being a Mom with | Batya Stepelman | Walltawk

“The holidays make me feel nostalgic for my childhood. I love lighting candles and eating latkes (using the same recipe that’s been handed down for generations).”

In the Outdoors with | Jedd Rose + Mark Hansen | Topo Designs

“I definitely love being able to go out in the cold and cross-country ski, hike or sled with my son, even do some ice fishing and then come back inside and sit by the fire and hunker down. Sounds totally cheesy greeting card style but it really is great.”