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The Artisan Touch: 
Timeless Fine Jewelry by Marco Bicego

Elegant. Classic. Rich. Handcrafted. These are just a few ways to describe the incomparably crafted jewelry designs by Marco Bicego. A colorful blend of classic and modern, Bicego’s styles embody the care and craftsmanship instilled in him through years of experience and immersion in the creation of fine jewelry in his native Italy.

“We love the organic nature of Marco’s collections,” says Emily Lantaff, style advisor, and manager at Walters & Hogsett Jewelers in Boulder where Bicego’s styles are featured. “The hand texturing creates wearable pieces that are rich in color and look amazing on everyone.”

We asked Bicego how he came to create such unique, striking jewelry.

Lisa: Tell me about your story. When did you begin designing jewelry?

Marco: Jewelry truly runs in my blood. My father founded a gold chain business in Vicenza in Italy that evolved into quite a successful company. I grew up spending every summer at his atelier watching expert craftsmen at work and trying my hand at making objects of my own. After many years of apprenticing and working with my father, I debuted my collection in 2000.

Lisa: Where do you draw inspiration from for your pieces?

Marco: I find inspiration in the nature and architecture around me, particularly during my travels. The majority of my collections are named after countries I’ve visited, including Africa, Cairo, Murano and Jaipur. My Africa collection, for example, is inspired by the glisten of the Sahara’s dunes. My Jaipur Color collection, with its incorporation of multi-colored semi-precious stones, is inspired by tropical Indian sunsets and the stone-cutting heritage of Jaipur.

Lisa: Does your Italian heritage influence your work and designs?

Marco: Definitely. The inspiration behind my jewelry is deeply rooted in my Venetian heritage, and all of my collections are still handcrafted by goldsmiths in my atelier in Italy.

Lisa: What are some of your jewelry’s signature styles and elements?

Marco: Hand-engraved gold, hand-twisted coils and gorgeous pops of multi-colored gemstones are the tenets at the heart of my brand and are reflected in each piece of my jewelry.

Lisa: What are some of your favorite pieces?

Marco: I’m very proud of my latest collection, Masai, which offers the look of liquid gold in jewelry form. The Lunaria collection, updated with the addition of black mother of pearl, is also incredibly lovely.

Lisa: What are you most proud of in your work as a designer?

Marco: I love that my brand hasn’t had to give in to trends to stay relevant and wearable. My pieces, while modern, still have a very classic and timeless feel that will always be in style.