The Giving Tree

Establishing the roots of giving back with your little ones.

I’m Just a Kid! How Can I Help?

Do I have time to give? –> Yes —> Do I like being outside? —> Yes, I love nature (even bugs)! —> I can donate time to: Leave No Trace -Volunteer time and help practice “leave no trace” ethics! Make sure our forests and trails are free of trash and harmful pollutants!

Do I have money to give? —> Yes —> Do I want to help other kids? —> Yes! —> I can donate money to: Camp Wapiyapi-Donate $10 and every kid at this camp for children with cancer will get a Wapiyapi water bottle to stay hydrated during camp adventures!

Do I have resources to give? —> Yes —> Do I like animals? —> Yes! I really like dogs! —> I can donate resources to: Safe Harbor Lab Rescue – Fill an adoption goodie bag with treats and fun dog toys! These bags will be given to the dog’s new family when he’s adopted!